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Aging Readiness Plan - Get Involved

Provide Online Feedback

For those unable to attend the Aging Readiness Plan strategy feedback workshops, please follow these instructions to provide feedback online.

1. Watch the first 11-minutes of this video.

2. Open and view the feedback boards. Boards are categorized by color and icon. See key below.

2023-01-18 ARP Online Feedback Board Icons

3. Switch boards using the arrows at the top of the page

2023-01-18 ARP Online Feedback Board Arrow 3

4. Add virtual sticky notes to boards to leave comments using the following instructions:

  • On the toolbar on the left side of the page, tap the Sticky note icon:
    2023-01-18 ARP Online Feedback Sticky Note
  • On the mobile app, tap Expand first:
    2023-01-18 ARP Online Feedback Expand
  • Add text to the note using your keyboard.
  • Click save, and your sticky note will be added to the board.
  • Once you create your sticky note, you can click on it and drag it to move the placement on the board.
  • Each poster board lists a proposed strategy for the Aging Readiness Plan and a series of questions to consider. Here is what we mean by Who, Where, When, and What:

WHO - Who does this help? Examples include “homebound” seniors (people who are unable to leave their home without difficulty), 60+ year olds, 80+ year olds, or new retirees.

WHERE - Where would you like to see this? Examples could include a specific City, like Battle Ground, or a specific place, like a bus stop on Route 37.

WHEN - What is the sense of urgency or how would you like to see this prioritized? Is this something you would like to see happen in the short term (1-3 years), medium term (4-6 years), or long term (7+ years)?

WHAT - What problem are we solving? Why is this important? For example, a given strategy is important because it helps an underserved population.

Other Ways to Provide Input

There will be many opportunities to participate in the months to come. Details about meetings and other opportunities to get involved will be announced in the Project News section as they approach.

To receive updates and notifications about meetings, events and other opportunities related to the Aging Readiness Plan update, please register for project updates and click on "Commission on Aging" and any other projects of interest.