April 2019 Index of Compliance Record


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ICR #Bates NumberDateDocument SubjectToFromType
42204220-4307 picture_as_pdf6/12/2016County Ord. No. 2016-06-12, Amended 6/28/2016PublicClark County CouncilOrdinance
42214308-4315 picture_as_pdf6/17/2014County Res. No. 2014-06-17PublicClark County CouncilResolution
42224316-4323 picture_as_pdf4/5/2015County Res. No. 2015-04-05PublicClark County CouncilResolution
42234324-4331 picture_as_pdf1/9/2014County Res. No. 2014-01-09PublicClark County CouncilResolution
42244332-4363 picture_as_pdf3/1/2016County Res. No. 2016-03-01PublicClark County CouncilResolution
42254364-4382 picture_as_pdf4/1/2014County Res. No. 2014-04-01PublicClark County CouncilResolution
42264383-4384 picture_as_pdf6/30/20162035 Population Estimates by Jurisdiction, Clark County Comp Plan 2015-2035, Page 27PublicClark County Correspondence
42274385-4404 picture_as_pdf2/23/2016Issue Paper 7, Preferred Alternative, Urban VBLM & Rural Capacity Estimated PublicClark County Issue Paper
42284405-4446 picture_as_pdf1/1/2009AG Preservation Strategies Report, Clark County Agricultural Preservation Advisory Committee (APAC) 2009Clark CountyAPACReport
42294447-4552 picture_as_pdf9/1/2015Appendix B: Agricultural Lands Analysis, (Berk, September, 2015/Revised February, 2016)Clark CountyBerkReport
42304553-4581 picture_as_pdf5/15/2012Rural Lands Study - Attachment B, Assessment of Agriculture & Forestry in Clark County (Berk 2012)Clark CountyBerkReport
42314582-4586 picture_as_pdf5/15/2012Rural Lands Study: Phase I Situation Assessment May 15, 2012 (Berk, Update May 2015)Clark CountyBerkReport
42324587-4612 picture_as_pdf12/1/2014Agricultural Resource Land Analysis (Prenguber, 2014)Clark CountyBruce PrengruberReport
42334613-4613 picture_as_pdf8/10/2016Map Showing Ilani Casino & Resort and La Center Annexation AreaCommunity PlanningGISMap
42344614-4618 picture_as_pdf8/10/2016La Center Ord. No. 2016-08PublicCity of La CenterOrdinance
42354619-4627 picture_as_pdf10/14/2016Ridgefield Ord. No. 1216 PublicCity of RidgefieldOrdinance
42364628-4735 picture_as_pdf7/4/2017County Ord. No. 2017-07-04PublicClark County CouncilOrdinance
42374736-4776 picture_as_pdf9/13/2017County Res. No. 2017-09-13, Amending the 2015 Buildable Lands ReportPublicClark County CouncilResolution
42384777-4783 picture_as_pdf4/15/2019OFM Population Growth for Clark County, dated 4/1/2018Clark CountyOFMCorrespondence
42394784-4786 picture_as_pdf4/15/2019Ridgefield Memo on Residential Density Update (April 15, 2019)Clark CountyCity of RidgefieldCorrespondence
42404787-4789 picture_as_pdf12/18/2018County Interim Ordinance 2018-12-64 (adopted December 2018, readopted February 2019)PublicClark County CouncilOrdinance
42414790-4797 picture_as_pdf2/12/2019Staff report (2/12/2019) - County Interim Ordinance 2018-12-64 (readopted February 2019)County CouncilCommunity PlanningStaff Report
42424798-4807 picture_as_pdf4/2/2019County Interim Ord. No. 2019-04-02PublicCounty CouncilOrdinance
42434808-4856 picture_as_pdf6/1/2015Buildable Lands Report, dated June, 2015PublicClark CountyReport
42444857-4862 picture_as_pdf4/21/2019Two Years In, Ilani Owners Say Casino Still on a Roll, The Columbian, dated 4/21/2019PublicThe ColumbianNews Article
42454863-4863 picture_as_pdf5/20/2019Public Notice of Council Hearing to be held June 4, 2019, to take public testimony on Interim Ord. 2019-04-02.PublicThe ColumbianLegal Notice
42464864-4864 picture_as_pdf02/19/2019The County/UGA Comprehensive Plan Map as of 2/12/2019Clark CountyGISMap
42474865-4868 picture_as_pdf05/29/20192019 VBLM 2018 Annual Model Run Summary Totals 16-2-0005Correspondence