Neighborhood Pet Clinic

Project Summary

The applicant is requesting to amend the comprehensive plan designation from Urban Low Density Residential (UL) with Single Family Residential (R 1-10) zoning to Commercial (C) comprehensive plan designation with Community Commercial (CC) zoning on 0.29 acres (118138224).

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This area was brought into the Vancouver Urban Growth Area in 1994. There has been significant residential development in the Felida area in the last 20 plus years. The subject parcel is currently zoned Urban Low Density Residential (UL) with Single Family Residential (R 1-10) zoning, as are surrounding parcels to the west, south, and north. The subject parcel is immediately adjacent to a commercially zoned area along NW 36th Ave. that has a variety of commercial uses, such as a pet clinic, gas station, convenience store, restaurant/ coffee shop, studio, and offices.

The applicant of the subject parcel also owns an adjacent parcel to the east that is zoned Community Commercial (CC) zoning, which is occupied by the Neighborhood Pet Clinic. The applicant is requesting an amendment to change from Single Family Residential (R 1-10) to Community Commercial (CC) on the subject parcel to extend the pet clinic on the adjacent parcel. Community Commercial zoning is “intended to provide for the regular shopping and service needs for several adjacent neighborhoods.” [CCC 40.230.010].

The applicant’s narrative states that significant development of the area has occurred since the comprehensive plan and zoning designations were established in 1994 and there is a lack of commercially zoned property in the area for business expansion. In addition, the cluster of commercial development along NW 36th Ave. lacks sufficient off-street parking.


Public Meetings

Sep.17, 2019 – Clark County Council Hearing

On September 17, 2019, the county council approved the request (5 to 0) to amend  Clark County comprehensive plan designation and zoning on one parcel (PIN 118138224) with a total of 0.29 acres from Urban Low Density Residential Comprehensive Plan designation (UL) with single family residential (R1-10) zoning to Commercial (C) comprehensive plan designation  with Community Commercial zoning (CC).

Aug. 15, 2019 –  Planning Commission Hearing

Aug. 1, 2019 –   Planning Commission Work Session

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