Project Summary

Clark County Community Planning is requesting to amend the countywide planning polices and add one county policy in the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan 2015-2035 Land Use Element. A summary of the text amendments are as follows:

  • Recognize the Cowlitz Indian Tribe as a federally recognized tribe in the Comprehensive Plan to ensure that the Tribe is part of the project coordination process under the Growth Management Act. (Exhibit 1)

  • Establish a density target of 4 units per net residential acre for the portion of the City of Woodland within Clark County and provide a policy regarding the Woodland Urban Growth Area (UGA). (Exhibit 2)



Cowlitz Indian Tribe

The Cowlitz Indian Tribe was recognized by the U.S. Federal Government on February 14, 2000 and is considered a sovereign nation. The Tribe has purchased land on the westside Interstate 5 and Cowlitz Way in Clark County.

The Cowlitz Tribe, Clark County and its cities and towns would like to formalize coordination efforts with the Tribe on county-related land use issues. RCW 36.70A.210(4) states, “Federal agencies and Indian tribes may participate in and cooperate with the countywide planning policy adoption process. Adopted countywide planning policies shall be adhered to by state agencies”. Exhibit 1 would amend the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan’s Land Use Element to include countywide planning policies to formally recognize the Cowlitz Indian Tribe.


Since the adoption of the 1994 Comprehensive Plan, the Woodland Urban Growth Area has provided a unique planning circumstance as it straddles two counties Clark and Cowlitz. In addition, Cowlitz County is not required to fully plan under GMA. The City of Woodland approached the City/County Coordination Committee seeking to amend certain policies in the

comprehensive plan. The policy amendments in Exhibit 2 provide measurable density targets for the Woodland UGA and allow for future growth expansion into Clark County during periodic updates.

2015-2035 Comprehensive Growth Management Plan-2020

Staff Contact

Mike Sallis
Planner III
Community Planning

Public Meetings and Hearings

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