Documents and maps - Surface mining overlay update


Currently under review - 2013/2014

1) Removed proposed overlay from portions of three parcels that are part of Camp Bonneville property transfer.

2) Restored existing overlay on two DNR parcels along Dole Valley Rd.

3) Numbered polygons where overlay is proposed to be added at the request of the Planning Commission.

Background and historical information

The Washington State Legislature adopted changes to the regulations and guidelines for classifying and designating mineral resource lands which became effective February 2010.

There are a wide range of policies and development regulations for mineral resource lands that could be adopted.

A previous Mineral Lands Focus Group met in 1993 and prepared a detailed report, which was submitted and reviewed in January 1994.

Historical Maps

  • Clark County Speculative Gravel Layer - December 2011
    This map was drafted from a request from the Task Force to view the speculative gravel layer after excluding Urban Growth Areas, Rural Centers, government-owned lands, and lands zoned for rural residential.
  • Clark County Aggregate Rock Resources - Identified & Hypothetical Resources - April 2010
  • WA Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) Division of Geology & Earth Resources-Rock Aggregate Resources Lands Inventory map - October 2005
  • The DNR developed a map for Clark County using the best data available including 1,400 well logs and 140 geotechnical borings. Resources were classified and mapped as "Identified" where the distribution, grade, and quality could be confidently estimated based on specific geologic evidence, limited sampling, and laboratory testing.  Areas were mapped as "Hypothetical" where available data appear to satisfy most, but not all, of the threshold criteria. Resources were classified as "Speculative" where geologic and production information is sparse, but where inferences can be made from existing geologic mapping or data to suggest that these rock units might potentially meet the threshold criteria for aggregate resources.