Vancouver National Historic Reserve


Located in Vancouver, the Historic District encompasses approximately 252 acres of the 366-acre Historic Reserve that was congressionally created in 1996, and includes several nationally significant sites that contribute to its National Register status, including Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, the Officer’s Row National Historic District (including the Grant House, the O.O. Howard House, and the Marshall House), the Vancouver Barracks National Historic District, Pearson Air Museum, the Jack Murdock Aviation Center, Pearson Airfield, Old Apple Tree Park, and Waterfront Park.

The Vancouver National Historic Reserve brings together a national park, a premier archaeological site, the region’s first military post, an international fur trade emporium, one of the oldest operating airfields, the first national historic site west of the Mississippi River, and a waterfront trail and environmental center on the banks of the Columbia River. The Reserve is considered the premier historic archaeological site in the Pacific Northwest, with no less than nine recorded archaeological sites, many of which are also on the National Register.

The partners of the Reserve teach visitors about the fur trade, early military life, natural history, and pioneers in aviation, all within the context of Vancouver’s role in regional and national development. The Reserve’s vast array of public programs – including living history events, festivals, cultural demonstrations, exhibits, active archaeology, and other special activities – create a dynamic, fun, and unique tourist destination for people of all ages.

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, a unit of the National Park Service, is the heart of the Vancouver National Historic Reserve.

  • Listed on the Washington Heritage Register in 2004.
  • Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007

Open to Public:

Yes. Firehouse No. 12, and a glass art gallery and studio are located here.


The Reserve is bounded by Evergreen Boulevard on the North, I-5 on the West, the Columbia River on the South and East Reserve Street on the East.

Vancouver National Historic Reserve
Did you know?
The Reserve is considered the premier historic archaeological site in the Pacific Northwest.
Reserve established 1996. Buildings date back to 1849.
Open to the public

Vancouver National Historic Reserve
750 Anderson St.
Vancouver, WA 98661
United States