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Project Summary

The applicant is requesting to amend the comprehensive plan designation and zoning on two parcels totaling 60 acres from Industrial with Business Park zoning (BP) to Urban Low Density Residential with Residential (R 1-10) zoning on 50 acres and Commercial with Community Commercial zoning on 10 acres (Parcels 200326000 and 200355000).



The applicant owns parcels (200326000 and 200355000) that are designated Industrial (BP) and total 60 acres and is located northwest of the NE 152nd Ave. and NE 99th St. intersection. This proposed comprehensive plan designation and zone change would allow this parcel to develop into 50 acres of low-density single family residential dwellings (R1-10) and 10 acres of community commercial.

The applicant submitted a similar request in 2017 to amend the current designation to Urban Low (R1-6). Council unanimously denied the request in October of 2017 but discussed a potential change in the future if the site could not be developed for employment as intended. The applicant submitted a pre-application request in November of 2018 to consider the proposal, as described above.

The properties involved in this request were brought into the Vancouver UGA in 2004 as part of the comprehensive plan update and designated Employment Center with an Urban Holding Overlay. The Urban Holding Overlay was removed in April 2007 as part of the Development Agreement for the Orchards sub area. The Battle Ground School District purchased tax parcel 200305000 approximately 20 acres in September of 2016.

The Columbia River Economic Development Council (CREDC) published a land inventory and site readiness analysis in November of 2016. The property was not included in the three Tiers which required 20+ developable acres, site development within a range of time 6 months for Tier 1 to greater than 30 months (Tier 3), infrastructure proximity and willingness to transact. The CREDC study excluded some property from the inventory if it was reported as being in the process of being rezoned. The study identified other sites that were excluded because the use is planned for or has been rezoned or is owned by an existing company for future development.


Public Meetings

Sep. 17, 2019 – Clark County Council Hearing

On September 17, 2019, the county council denied the request (5 to 0) to amend the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Maps on two parcels (200326000 and 200355000) from Industrial (Business Park (BP)) to Urban Low Density Residential (R1-10), and from Industrial (Business Park (BP)) to Community Commercial (CC) zoning along the frontage of the property along NE 152nd Ave. 

June 20, 2019 – Planning Commission Hearing
June 6, 2019 –   Planning Commission Work Session

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