2019 Dockets


The County-initiated Amendment (Docket) Process

The Docket process provides a means for suggested improvements in comprehensive plans and development regulations submitted by interested persons, hearing examiners and staff of other agencies. Requests for map or text amendments to the comprehensive plan or implementing development regulations received by the county prior to September 1st will be considered in conjunction with the following year's work program subject to councils approval. 

These were the cases processed in 2019. The comprehensive plan and zoning designation changes approved by council went into effect on Feb. 28, 2020.

2019 Dockets

Urban Holding Removal near I-5 & 179th St. Interchange/Killian Pacific

An application has been submitted to amend the development agreement between the property owner and Clark County.  

CPZ2018-00021 Urban Holding Removal near the I-5 & 179th St. Interchange/Holt Homes

Three property owners, represented by Holt Homes, are requesting the removal from the urban holding overlay on the comprehensive plan and zoning maps for six properties near the I-5 and 179th St. Interchange to allow for urban development.  

CPZ2019-00001 Development Code – Home Rule Charter Amendments  and Type IV Procedures

Home Rule Charter: Amend Title 40 to reflect the name change of Clark County Council (Council) instead of Board of County Commissioners (BOCC and Board).

Type IV Procedures: Update CCC 40.510.040 Type IV Procedures and CCC 40.560 to reflect updated processes.

CPZ2019-00005​ Comprehensive Plan Text (Countywide Planning Policies (Woodland and Cowlitz Indian Tribe) and Map amendment (Cowlitz Indian Tribe)

Woodland: Amend the Countywide Planning Policies and comprehensive plan text to allow for the expansion of the Woodland Urban Growth Boundary.

Cowlitz Indian Tribe: Amend the Countywide Planning Policies, comprehensive plan and zoning map, and plan text designation in recognition of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe.

CPZ2019-00008 Whipple Creek - APPLICATION WITHDRAWN

A proposal to amend the comprehensive plan and zoning on one parcel (180317002) with a total of 21.16 acres from Rural 10 (R-10) comprehensive plan designation with Rural (R-10) zoning to Rural 5 (R-5) comprehensive plan designation with Rural (R-5) zoning.

CPZ2019-00010​ Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map; Development Code - School Public Facility Zoning Amendments

Repeal the Public Facility (PF) designation on the  comprehensive plan and zoning maps for public school-owned properties, establish the previous zoning designations, update comprehensive plan designations, and amend development code for consistency with map changes. 

CPZ2019-00011 ​Capital Facility Plan - La Center School District

Review and amend if necessary, the La Center School District Capital Facility Plan and associated school impact fees pursuant to CCC 40.560.010. 

CPZ2019-00014​ Development Code - New Cemeteries in Forest Tier II School Facilities and Utilities

Amend CCC 40.210.010 – Forest, Agriculture and Agricultural-Wildlife use table to allow the potential for new cemeteries in Forest-40.

Amend CCC 40.370.010 Sewerage Regulations to comply with HB 2243 which provided for limited sewer exception for schools.  

CPZ2019-00015 Coordinated Water System Plan (CWSP) update 

Periodic update. 

CPZ2019-00016 Arterial Atlas and Development Code amendments - NE 106th St. to NE 112th St.

Amend the arterial atlas and associated Title 40 Appendix F reference to a proposed road at approximately NE 106th Street and Highway 99. Road not feasible due to environmental issues.

CPZ2019-00017 Capital Facilities Plan amendments

Clark County Public Works is requesting an amendment to the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan 2015-2035 Transportation Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) to add, delete and amend transportation projects in the 20-year list.  The proposed amendments directly adjust the Traffic Impact Fee (TIF) rates for Clark County’s four TIF districts. 

CPZ2019-00019 Marijuana Regulations

Update CCC 40.260.115 and related zoning districts use tables to add the opportunity for marijuana facilities.

CPZ2019-00020 Capital Facility Plan - Evergreen School District

Review and amend if necessary, the Evergreen School District Capital Facility Plan and associated school impact fees pursuant to CCC 40.560.010.

CPZ2019-00021​ Capital Facility Plan - Hockinson School District

Review and amend if necessary, the Hockinson School District Capital Facility Plan and associated school impact fees pursuant to CCC 40.560.010.

CPZ2019-00022​ Capital Facility Plan - Woodland School District

Review and amend if necessary, the Woodland School District Capital Facility Plan and associated school impact fees pursuant to CCC 40.560.010.

CPZ2019-00023 (Hinton) Urban Holding Removal in the I-5/179th Interchange Area-Hinton

One property owner, M & H Washington Properties, LLC, represented by Hinton Development, is requesting the removal of the Comprehensive Plan and zoning urban holding overlays on approximately 32.5 acres.  The proposal is located at the terminus of NE 37th Ave., west of NE 40th Ave.

CPZ2019-00024 (Wollam) Urban Holding Removal in the I-5/179th St. Interchange Area      

One property owner, Rominger Homeplace LLC, represented by Wollam Development,  is requesting the removal of the Comprehensive Plan and zoning map urban holding overlays on approximately 38 acres.  The proposal is located on the Southeast corner of the NE 11th Ave./NE 179th St. intersection.

CPZ2019-00026 University District Code Update

Update CCC 40.230.050 University District use table to add the opportunity for dormitories. 

CPZ2019-00027 School Impact Fee Request - Ridgefield

A request to increase Ridgefield School District impact fees in 2020 and 2021.

CPZ2019-00025 Development Code – Complete Streets                

Amend Clark County Code Chapter 40.350 – Transportation and Circulation to include a new section CCC40.350.010 Complete Streets Program and renumber CCC 40.350.010 Pedestrian/Bicycle Circulation Standards to CCC 40.350.015

CPZ2019-00028 Historic Code Update

Amend Title 40.250.030 Historic Preservation    

CPZ2019-00029 Development Agreement Procedures  

Clark County lacks formal procedures to move development agreements through the approval process. In order to provide staff with specific procedures and allow the private development to track the process, the Clark County Code is proposed to be amended to provide a prescribed process for development agreements.

CPZ2019-00030 Shoreline Master Program 2020 Periodic Review

Clark County is undertaking a periodic review of its Shoreline Master Program (SMP), as required by the Washington State Shoreline Management Act (SMA). The SMA requires each SMP be reviewed and revised, if needed, on an eight-year schedule established by the Legislature. The County Council will consider the project’s Public Participation Plan in fall 2019.

CPZ2019-00031 I-5/NE 179th St. Area Urban Holding Removal

This proposal seeks to amend the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning maps to remove the urban holding overlays from approximately 2,200 acres near the I-5/NE 179th Street Interchange area.  The area currently has the urban holding overlay designations placed on the property due to the lack of urban infrastructure. The urban holding removal is associated with the implementation of a public financing plan and development agreements that are necessary to reasonably fund critical transportation links and intersection improvements.The proposal would remove the last remaining urban holding designation in the Vancouver Urban Growth Area.

CPZ2019-00032 GMA Compliance RILB

Proposed comprehensive plan and development amendment to comply with the Growth Management Hearings Board. Clark County will consider amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, zoning maps and Title 40 by deleting the Rural Industrial Land Bank and repealing related ordinances.

CPZ2019-00033 Clark County Unified Development Code Change (Title 40.240.440) Amendments to Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Districts

Amend the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Districts CCC 40.240.440(H) to correct a scrivener’s error. CCC 40.240.440(H) currently states that the development and production of mineral and geothermal resources are required to follow a Type IV (legislative) process. The review procedure should be a Type III (quasi-judicial) process as provided for elsewhere in code.


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