2020 Dockets


The County-initiated Amendment (Docket) Process

The Docket process provides a means for suggested improvements in comprehensive plans and development regulations submitted by interested persons, hearing examiners and staff of other agencies. Requests for map or text amendments to the comprehensive plan or implementing development regulations received by the county prior to September 1st will be considered in conjunction with the following year's work program subject to councils approval. 

These were the cases processed in 2020. The comprehensive plan and zoning designation changes approved by council went into effect on March 1, 2021.

2020 Dockets

Transportation Planning Dockets

CPZ2019-00030 Shoreline Master Program

The Shoreline Management Act requires a periodic review every 8 years to ensure that the SMP remains consistent with changes in laws and rules and is responsive to changed circumstances. The county will need to remedy issues found in the review and submit to Ecology by June 30, 2021.

CPZ2020-00001 Reach Community Development

A proposal to amend the comprehensive plan and zoning from Commercial (NC) to Urban Medium Density Residential (R-22) on three parcels (104600000, 104530040, 104530004), which are cumulatively 2.83 acres,  to make more affordable housing units available in the county.

CPZ2020-00008 Countywide Planning Policies

Amend the CWPPs to add a policy outlining the process to amend/add to the CWPPs.

Woodland: Amend the Countywide Planning Policies and comprehensive plan text to allow for the expansion of the Woodland Urban Growth Boundary.

Cowlitz Indian Tribe: Amend the Countywide Planning Policies to recognize the Cowlitz Indian Tribe.

CPZ2020-00013 Pedestrian Accessway Code Amendment

Amend CCC 40.350.015 to require pedestrian infrastructure when development is near major roads. Amend Chapter 40.220 to allow reduced setback and lot coverage standards when pedestrian accessways are required in the single family residential zoning districts.

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