ePlan Review

Architectural plans


Staff benefits

  • Track and monitor projects effortlessly 
  • Compile staff comments on plans easily
  • Work on plans concurrently with other programs
  • Reduce plan review time 
  • Access revisions to plans while in the field
  • Obtain approval signatures more efficiently
  • Eliminate paper files and plans resulting in reduced file management and scanning
  • Answer questions from staff and customers quickly

"We are in the process of preparing for our implementation of ePlans! It's a new program that will eliminate paper application and plan submittals, which is why we created this tagline: Saving trees and parking fees! Customers won’t have to visit the Permit Center to submit applications and plans, but don’t worry, we will continue the permit intake process through virtual meetings. This saves on parking fees and allows more appointments resulting in a faster, more efficient permitting process. We are very excited about making it easier and faster to get a permit in Clark County." - April Furth, director 

Process improvements

  • Identify requested revisions and their effects elsewhere in plan set with the overlay feature
  • Reduce paperwork, file management, plan scanning
  • Review project concurrently with multiple programs resulting in efficient, faster processing times from intake to issuance
  • View complete project history 
  • Exchange information efficiently between staff and with customers
  • Access plans in the field allowing for more comprehensive and efficient inspection services 

“I am very excited about launching ePlan review for Clark County. There are many benefits for customers using our permitting system, for our staff, and for our processes. We will see more organization in our workspace as well! It is going to take time and patience to understand how to use this new system, but once integrated and learned, I believe we are going to see many improvements and time savings.” - April Furth, director

Benefits for you!

  • Learn how to use ePlan with videos embedded in software
  • Integrate ePlan review with your existing technologies/distribution methods
  • Track progress of your project
  • Improve communications between you and staff
  • Eliminate paper submittals resulting in reduced cost for printing
  • Enjoy faster turnaround times from intake to issuance
  • Save time and money: no visit to county for submittal/issuance, no printing plan sets, no parking fees


Anticipated timeline

Late May: Project begins

Late June: Staff training

Late July: Customer training

Early August: Go live!

*subject to change