Paying fees and fines

Permits and reviews

There are several ways that you can pay fees for these permits:

  • building permits 
  • land use cases 
  • development engineering reviews 
  • wetland/habitat reviews
  • forest practices
  • fire permits

Online: Fees may be paid online through CC LMS using Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or eCheck. Convenience fees will apply. Learn how to pay online here.

In Person: Fees may be paid in person by cash or check at the Permit Center, 1300 Franklin St., Vancouver WA. Checks must be made out to Clark County Community Development. Check our website for the hours that we are open to the public.

We do not accept checks through the mail.

Check acceptance

The Permit Center will not accept checks more than the amount due at submittal. Additionally, if you apply and pay for the wrong permit, you will not receive a full refund; $200 will be held for processing the error.

Oftentimes, customers coming to the Permit Center bring checks written for the wrong amounts. There are three reasons for errors:

  • Using the Fee Estimate report as the basis for determining fees
  • Entering incorrect information during the application process
  • Writing checks for the entire fees due when only application fees are due at submittal

This presents significant challenges for staff, presents customers with an extended refund wait time (six weeks minimum), and is very expensive for the county to process.

We encourage customers to pay online at time of submittal or complete their check once the application has been processed.


If you apply and pay fees for the wrong permit or cancel a permit you have paid for, you may not receive a full refund. A $200 processing fee will apply for processing all refunds.

Animal Control and Code Enforcement

In person:     
500 W 8th Street, Suite 100
Vancouver WA 98660

By mail:   
Clark County Community Development
PO Box 9810
Vancouver WA 98666-9810

Animal Control licensing fees and fines may be paid by check in person or by mail. Checks must be made out to Animal Control. Licensing fees may also be paid online

Note: We do not refund pet license fees. 

Code Enforcement fines and lien settlement payments may be paid by check in person or by mail. Checks must be made out to Code Enforcement

Credit cards and cash are only accepted at the Permit Center. Contact staff at or 564.397.2408 prior to making payment at the Permit Center to ensure the payment is credited to the correct account.