Part of the reason Clark County remains desirous as a place to call home is the abundance of wildlife found countywide. We enjoy our open spaces, the trees, the occasional deer, the hawks, the mountains, and rural, agriculturally based history. Clark County Animal Protection and Control receives several hundred telephone calls each week related to domestic animals, livestock, and wildlife and how mankind can live in peace with our animal friends. We hope you find this page helpful in providing answers or resources to help resolve your inquiry. Should you not find a solution here, please don’t hesitate giving us a call.


Coyotes are found throughout Clark County. Each year Animal Protection and Control fields calls for assistance inside urban city neighborhoods, suburban, and rural areas. You should not be surprised to see them crossing the road virtually anywhere. Don’t panic, coyotes do not have a habit of approaching or attacking humans. Be cautious, keep your distance, watch your small pets when outside, but by and large if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone as well.

Please read the attached material as it is quite helpful in understanding coyote behavior and how humans may coexist with them.


Other wildlife

Most people consider wildlife to be deer, bear, cougar, etc. However, they are also birds, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, fish, and other animals not domesticated by humans. All wildlife are considered property of the state of Washington, and thus (other than coyotes) all inquiries should be directed to their office.

Bees are considered agricultural, and therefore, are not currently subject to regulation. Learn more...

For mice, rats, or other unwanted pests that have found a nice place to live within your house, you are welcome to contact a licensed trapper.