Clark County Land Management System

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In-person services

All in-person services at the Permit Center require an appointment. To schedule an appointment, email

ePlan Review

We have implemented electronic plan review and are no longer accepting paper submittals. Visit for more information about ePlan Review. 

Note: We are not able to accept applications for review if the naming conventions and file requirements are not followed. See for information and instructions.

Online permitting 

You can register, apply for, pay, and track permits online via the public portal from the comfort of your office or home! 

Available online:

  • Building 
  • Fire 
  • Land Use Review 
  • Development Engineering 
  • Wetland/Habitat
  • Public Works Forestry
  • Public Works Development Inspection

Be sure to visit the CC LMS Training page where you will learn how to create an account, estimate fees or apply for a permit.   

Check back with us frequently as we announce new features, releases, and planned maintenance on our systems.

Key points to remember:

  • Anyone with an online account can apply for a permit
  • Complete this simple registration to create an account
  • View or download how-to guides
  • Quick Permits - apply and pay online, print from your browser
  • Pay your fees online - learn how
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CC LMS Training


If you apply and pay fees for the wrong permit or cancel a permit you have paid for, you may not receive a full refund. A $200 processing fee will apply for processing all refunds.

Check acceptance

The Permit Center will not accept checks in excess of the amount due at submittal. Additionally, if you apply and pay for the wrong permit, you will not receive a full refund; $200 will be held for processing the error.

Oftentimes, customers coming to the Permit Center bring checks written for the wrong amounts. There are three reasons for errors:

  • Using the Fee Estimate report as the basis for determining fees
  • Entering incorrect information during the application process
  • Writing checks for the entire fees due when only application fees are due at submittal

This presents significant challenges for staff, presents customers with an extended refund wait time (six weeks minimum), and is very expensive for the county to process.

We encourage customers to pay online at time of submittal or complete their check once the application has been processed.


Get the latest information for your project

Permit application submittal guidelines 

Visit our permit application submittal guidelines page for important information and instructions regarding application, submittal and issuance of your permit. 

We are requesting all applicants to apply online prior to making their permit application appointment. 

Handouts and forms

Use our handouts and forms to familiarize yourself with permit requirements, submittal requirements and other important permit information prior to applying online.