Residential projects

ePlan Review

We have implemented electronic plan review and not longer accept paper submittals. Visit for more information about ePlan Review. 

In Clark County, you need permits and follow-up inspections for new residential construction and for most additions and remodeling projects. A permit technician can help you determine your project requirements and related fees.

Fees are established by county ordinance and are calculated automatically by computer during the application process. You will receive a fee estimate during your initial visit to our office and a final cost when you submit your application. Permit fees cover the cost of processing, plan review and inspections.

Forms and submittal requirements

Apply online, learn more about CC LMS

See the residential forms page for applications, checklists, handouts, information and worksheets.

Types of permits

Visit the residential permits page where we explain the different types of residential permits.

Erosion control and stormwater

See our erosion control and stormwater pages for related requirements.

Construction details

Construction details are provided as a service to help customers understand and apply commonly used code requirements for their projects.

LEAN Review Process

Find out if your New Home Construction application is eligible for LEAN Review Process.

Building a home

Basic steps

  1. Homebuilder submits application, pays plan review and other fees
  2. Plans examiner reviews plans 
  3. Permit technicians process application
  4. Permit technician issues permit
  5. Work may begin
  6. Inspector inspects construction at important stages
  7. Permit technician issues Certificate of Occupancy

Common handouts 

Typical inspections

Master Plan Program

Building Safety's Master Plan Program offers production-oriented builders an opportunity to have repetitive models pre-reviewed for more efficient permitting. The final Master Plan is stored as an electronic file to improve access and efficiency. 

School Impact Fees changing

Effective September 15, 2023, some school impact fees will change. See notice.

Traffic Impact Fees

Beginning January 16, 2023, Traffic Impact Fees will increase. Contact your Permit Tech for more information. 

New Home Construction stormwater review 

Beginning June 1, 2022, Development Engineering will review Stormwater Minimum Requirements (MR) #1-5 for NHC/ADS building permits. The Permit Center will notify Development Engineering staff who will reach out to the applicant to start the submittal process. This is an ENG case in CC LMS and the fee is $345.00. The applicant (creator of the job) is responsible for submittals and payments.

Valuation increase

Effective May 1, 2022, building valuations will change based on the International Code Council annual update. Fees calculated on square footage or estimated valuations will increase. The average increase is about fifteen percent.

Adoption of building codes

The 2018 amended Washington Administrative Code (WAC) were adopted on February 1, 2021.