Proposed developments

Map feature below shows cases that are currently under review

This makes it easier to see land use cases that are in your neighborhood. 

Cases that are mapped are Type II cases, like short plats and site plan reviews, and Type III cases, like subdivisions and conditional use permits, among others.

To use the map, you can zoom in and out and/or move the map around. Click on a yellow dot to see the project description, site plan, public notice, staff report, and decision. Use the search bar to enter a case number or address. 

A mobile interactive map is also available.  

These cases are shown on the map for 60 days past the decision date.

The public notice listed with the case is the most recent notice issued. 

For Type II cases, the staff report and the decision are the same document and will be linked as the decision.

All files are PDF unless otherwise noted.


    Forest Practice Applications

    FPA-2023-00050 Neal Development, 39912 NE 44th Street, Washougal


    2017-2019 cases in review

    These are older cases still in review. Since they are in our former permitting system, they are not included on the map above.

    6112 NE 179th Street, Vancouver
    Mountain Estates Cluster Subdivision PLD2017-00046; SEP2017-00060; GEO2017-00020; HAB2017-00062; FLP2017-00012
    Site plan Public notice Staff report Decision
    7001 NE 40th Avenue, Vancouver
    Pacific NW Plating PSR2015-00027; SEP2015-00032; CRA2015-00004
    Site plan Public notice Staff report / Decision
    9905 NE 117th Avenue, Vancouver
    Four Corner Plaza PSR2017-00028
    Site plan Public notice Staff report / Decision
    10804 NE 117th Ave, Vancouver
    Cornerstone Christian Academy CUP2019-00001; PSR2019-00003; SEP2019-00014; VAR2019-00003; CRA2019-00002; EVR2019-00010
    Site plan Public notice Staff report Decision
    12503 NE 117th Avenue, Vancouver
    Claude's Accurate Machining PSR2018-00027; SEP2018-00034
    Site plan Public notice Staff report / Decision
    12804 NE Fourth Plain Road, Vancouver
    Orchards Business Park PSR2017-00035; SEP2017-000863; EVR2017-00081
    Site plan Public notice Staff report / Decision
    NW 31st Avenue north of NW 299th Street, La Center
    TYC LLC Yard & Garden PSR2017-00061; SEP2017-00124; GEO2017-00064; CRA2017-00022; EVR2017-00120; WET2017-00112
    Site plan Public notice Staff report / Decision
    9709 NE 425th Street, Woodland
    POR Bald Mountain PSR2017-00036; SEP2017-00077; CRA2017-00007; EVR2017-00091; GEO2017-00028
    Site plan Public notice Staff report / Decision
    15500 NE Fargher Lake Highway, Yacolt
    The Barn at Fargher Lake PSR2017-00064
    Site plan Public notice Staff report / Decision

    You can get more information on these and other cases in several ways:

    Pre-application conference agendas

    Land use hearings

    Visit our Land Use Hearings page for a list of upcoming hearings, agendas, and other information.