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Effective September 19, 2022, we will no longer accept paper submittals. Visit ePlan Review for information and electronic file requirements.

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Application submittal guidance

This is a listing of all Development Engineering forms and documents, in alphabetical order. All documents are PDF files unless specified otherwise.


This application should accompany all submittals to Development Engineering. Incomplete applications will no longer be accepted. Be sure to include plan sets with all sheets, all required documents and all fees.

Critical aquifer recharge areas

Development Engineering reviews projects to prevent aquifer degradation and, when possible, enhance the quality of groundwater for drinking water or business purposes.

Development inspection

Development Engineering is responsible for the administrative portion of inspection permitting prior to site inspection. This encompasses the administrative role for all new subdivision, short plats, site plans, drainage projects and excavation, fill and stockpile permits.

To schedule an inspection, contact Nikki Olsen at 564.397.4982 or

Engineering plan review

Development Engineering reviews the following types of projects:

  • Construction plans for approved preliminary site plans
  • Construction plans for subdivisions and short plats with vested development approvals
  • Stormwater plans for drainage projects
  • Revisions to previously approved plans

These reviews ensure that final engineering design and construction drawings not only meet county standards but comply with requirements of land use decisions (when applicable).

Engineering variances

Development Engineering reviews requests to deviate from transportation provisions in county code.

Final engineering review

Note: Auditor's recording fees increase on July 25, 2021. See fee schedule.

Flood plain inquiry and review

Development Engineering provides flood plain review to minimize public and private losses due to flooding, protect life and property, maintain public health and minimize effects on flood plains.

Geological hazard permit

Development Engineering reviews projects for compliance with regulations that limit development in areas with:

  • Seismic hazards where there is potential danger from earthquakes, settlement or surface faults
  • Landslide potential due to a combination of slope, soil type and water
  • Steep slopes where there is not a mapped or designated landslide hazard but the slopes have a 40 percent or steeper incline
  • Geological hazard review, rev. 6.24.20
  • Geological hazard checklist, rev. 9.26.22

Grading permits

Development Engineering reviews grading permits to ensure the activity will not harm the environment or damage buildings and other structures. Grading consists of excavation, fill and/or stockpiling.


The following are financial forms that can be part of the review process:

Signature block

Please use the signature block form when submitting all engineering plans. 

Standard details 

Use Clark County Public Works' Standard details, which provide information on construction standards and requirements for public improvements.


All development and redevelopment projects must comply with Clark County's stormwater code and manual.

A stormwater covenant for private developments ensures that privately owned stormwater facilities are inspected and maintained in compliance with the Clark County stormwater manual.

For building permits, use the Stormwater Plan Application for Building Permits and visit our stormwater applications and handouts page. 

Process improvement change for New Home Construction stormwater review

Beginning June 1, 2022, Development Engineering will review Stormwater Minimum Requirements (MR) #1-5 for NHC/ADS building permits. The Permit Center will notify Development Engineering staff who will reach out to the applicant to start the submittal process. This is an ENG case in CC LMS and the fee is $345.00. The applicant (creator of the job) is responsible for submittals and payments. 

State stormwater permits for development projects

Projects disturbing one or more acres of land are required, in most cases, to have a state construction stormwater permit. More information can be found on Ecology's General Construction Stormwater Permit page. 

Projects that create industrial activities may also need a state industrial stormwater permit. More information can be found on Ecology's Industrial Stormwater General Permit page.

Traffic impact fees

Vertical datums

Clark County Code calls for applicants to use the datums that are outlined in the memo below. Read this document and make the necessary conversions before submitting development plans. If you have questions, call 564.397.4228.