Wetland and habitat forms and fees


Application submittal guidance

Apply online

All wetland/habitat permits are now available for application in Clark County’s Land Management System, CC LMS. You can now register, apply for, and track a wetland/habitat permit online via the public portal from the comfort of your office or home! 

Fees due at application

Wetland and habitat review fees will be assessed at the time of application instead of at issuance. 

This will apply to most residential building permits that meet the wetland and habitat review triggers (such as GIS mapping indicators) and are not on lots in urban subdivisions. For these cases, the additional cost at application will be $330. 

Upon review, if the biologist determines that the fees charged are not warranted, staff will make the necessary adjustments in LMS, and any balance will be credited to the fees due at issuance. If the fees due at issuance are less than the credit, we will process a refund.

All forms are PDF files.

FormRevised date
Frequently Asked Questions07/09/18
Application Form08/30/21
Pre-determinations and Determinations09/26/22
Type I Permits09/26/22
Final Wetland Permit09/26/22
Appealing Wetland and Habitat Permits09/26/22
Mitigation Monitoring09/26/22