Respond to comments


If corrections are requested following the review of your application, you will receive an email notification. This means revised plans and/or documents as well as a response to the plan review comments are requested. This task is called the Respond and Resubmit Task.
Step 1: Click on the Start Task link in the email invitation.

Step 2: This takes you to the ProjectDox login screen. It will automatically populate your email address. Enter your password and click Login.

Step 3: Click on the Accept button next to the Respond and Resubmit Task in the Tasks tab.

Accept resubmit task


Viewing Correction Items on Plans and Documents

With the Respond and Resubmit Task open, in the Step 1 of 4 section, you will see a tally showing you the number of unresolved comments, info only comments and files with markups.

Response task step 1


There are a few different ways you can view and respond to the correction items. These are outlined below. You can use one or all of these methods to view and respond to the correction items so use which ever method or methods work best for you.  

A response is required for all unresolved items. Anything you type in the response column using any of the methods below will automatically be saved.

Review Comments Button

The first way to view and respond to your correction items is to click on the Review Comments button located in the task. This opens the review comments in a grid view where you can scroll up and down to view and respond to them. You can use the drop-down menus at the top of the screen to filter the list and to search. This can be very helpful if you only want to view a certain department’s corrections, or look at only the unresolved items, etc.

Filters to show comments


The image below is an example of what the corrections could look like. There are four categories that you might see:

Info Only: This is information the reviewer wants you to have that might benefit you. No applicant response or change is needed in your submittal. It's for informational use only.  

Unresolved: This means that a correction/change needs to be made. It will show the file that needs changes and what needs correction. It does require that a revised file is uploaded and an applicant response is entered in the right-hand column. 

Resolved: This means this previously requested correction/change was made and has been resolved by the reviewer. As you progress through the review process, you will see your Unresolved items become Resolved. No change is needed and no response is required. 

Question: This is when a reviewer has a question about your submittal. No correction needs to be made on a file but you do need to respond and provide an answer to the question in the right-hand column.



What does the information mean?

Reference #: This gives you a unique number for each correction item. This is used to communicate with the reviewers in case you have any questions about that correction item. You can email or call the reviewers and refer to Reference #6 since they see the same information you do. This way they know exactly what correction you are referring to. 

Markup Name: This is the name of the correction item.

Department: This shows you the name of the department that made the correction.

Reviewer Name: This is the name of the reviewer who added the item on your submittal.

Markup Date: This is the date and time that correction was placed on your submittal.

Cycle #: This tells you during which review cycle that correction item was placed on your file.

Category: This tells you the type of markup. See the description above for the four available categories and what each one means. 

Snapshot: This gives a thumbnail image of where the correction is on your file. You can click on it for an enlarged view of that correction on the file. 

File Name: Click on this hyperlink and it will open a full-size view of that file with the markup on it. 

Markup Details: This is what needs to change or be corrected.

Download Arrow: This is a one-step click to download a PDF file showing the markups. This can be saved on your computer and/or emailed to third parties.


Reviews Tab

The second way to view and respond to your correction items is within the permit in ProjectDox. With the permit open in ProjectDox, you'll see the Reviews tab as shown below.

ePlan reviews


This displays the same information you would see if you are in the Respond and Resubmit Task and click on the Review Comments button. It operates in the same way using the drop-down lists and search options at the top of the screen. There is the response column on the right-hand which will auto save anything you type in it.


Opening the Markups on the File for a Full Screen View

The third way to view and respond to your correction items is a full screen view of the file with the markups on it. To start, you want to be at the Review Comments or the Reviews tab as shown above. Next, click on the file name which is shown in the center of the screen as a hyperlink.

Permit hyperlink


This opens the file with the markups on it. This is the most visual way to view and respond to the correction items. You will see a response area to the right for your response and the Save Response button.

Full screen view


You will see a confirmation message that the response has been saved.

The next correction item in your submittal will automatically come up on your screen. This will continue each time you save a response. You can also use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom to navigate through the correction items.

Full screen view


This is a very visual way to go through the all the correction items on your permit, one by one, department by department, file by file.


Exporting/Importing from Excel

The fourth way to view and respond to your correction items is by exporting the correction items to an Excel spreadsheet. You can add a response to the spreadsheet and then import those responses from Excel into ProjectDox. This reduces the need for copying and pasting or retyping a response. With the Respond and Resubmit Task open, go to Step 1 of 4 and click on the Export to Excel button. 

Export button


A window opens where you have the option to select to export the markups all in one Excel file or multiple Excel files based on department. Having multiple Excel files based on the department might be helpful if you want to send the corrections from a specific department to a different person. Once you select the option you want, click Download.

Export download


This opens an Excel file of all the markups on your submittal. It shows the same information you can view in ProjectDox, like the reference number, department name, reviewer’s name, markup title, cycle number, markup details, etc. It will also show you any response you might already have entered in ProjectDox. This spreadsheet can be saved on your computer, emailed to third parties or printed.

Spreadsheet view


The Excel spreadsheet is a protected spreadsheet so you can only enter an applicant response and you are not able to move or edit any other columns or rows. The goal is that you or a third party can review and respond to each correction item. You can save the Excel spreadsheet with your own file name. This would be helpful if you are going to be getting responses from multiple people. 

In the View column, you can click on the hyperlink to open the file in a full screen view with the markups on it. Click OK to open the file.

Open mark-up file


This will open the file with the markups on it. You can hover over each markup to view the content. You do not need to be the electronic plan submitter to use this feature so it's perfect for sharing the correction items with a third party, like your architect or engineer.

You can enter all the responses or only some of them in the spreadsheet. A third party can enter applicant responses and send it back to you as the electronic plan submitter or you can enter them yourself. When you are ready to import responses, login to ProjectDox and open the Respond and Resubmit Task. Click on the Import Excel Responses button.

Import Excel file


A new window opens where you click Browse for Files.

Browse for import file


Next, select the Excel file that has the applicant responses entered into it and click Open.

Open import


ProjectDox now imports the applicant responses from the Excel file you selected. It will show you a total of what was imported. Any applicant response from the Excel spreadsheet will replace any existing response in ProjectDox. 

Import results


You can continue to import more responses by clicking on Import Multiple and selecting another Excel file or click Close

When you select Close. You can click on the Review Comments button and see that the applicant responses have been saved in ProjectDox.

Response column


These are the four different ways you can view and respond to the correction items in ProjectDox.

If you have questions about a correction item, please contact that reviewer directly via email or phone to resolve it before you resubmit your revisions.


Uploading Revisions

Scroll down in the Applicant Resubmit task and under Step 2 of 4, click on the appropriate tab to select Versioned Files or New Files to upload your files.

Use the Versioned Files tab if you are uploading a new file that is replacing an existing file in ProjectDox. View instructions to upload Versioned Files.

Use the New Files tab if you are adding a plan page or document to your submittal that was not previously uploaded to ProjectDox. View instructions to upload New Files.

Signing off your Task

Save for Later: Selecting this button will not send your application back to the county for review, but it will be saved so you can finish it later.

ePlan save for later


A message will appear confirming everything has been saved. The task stays active and with you as the applicant so you can continue to come back as many times as necessary to respond to the review comments and upload revised files until it is complete.

Complete resubmit task


Resubmit to the county: Selecting this button will complete your task and you will no longer be able to upload files or respond to the review comments.

When you are finished, scroll down to Step 3 of 4 and check the box indicating that you have responded to all the review comments and have loaded the corrected plans and/or documents.

Click on the Submit button. 

Submit task


One or two messages may appear.

The first will be green in color and confirms that we have received your upload.

Response updated message


The Respond and Resubmit Task will no longer show in the Tasks tab on your application because it has been completed and sent to the county for review.

If a second message appears, it will be orange and says we are missing an applicant response to an unresolved review comment.

Message to provide a response


If you receive this message, scroll up and under Step 1 of 4, click on the Review Comments button.

Review comments


Next, use the Response drop-down list and select Without Response.

Without response


This will show you only the unresolved items that do not have a response. Enter a response and click Close Window.

Enter responses


Now you can click on the Submit button at the bottom of the screen and you should receive the green pop-up message that the submittal has been sent to the county as shown above.

If you do not click on the Submit button, the county will not received your submittal and after 10 business days ProjectDox will start sending you reminders that it has not been submitted. The reminders will be sent every 3 business days for a maximum of 5 times.