How many horses do you think are living within Clark County? Would you believe more than 30,000? 

This generates a lot of casework for your Animal Protection and Control program as we are tasked with all potential or actual equine cruelty cases. Should you have a neighbor that appears to be struggling, or you drive by a pasture every day and are noticing a decline in a horse’s condition, please give us a call immediately. We are very successful at working with horse owners so they may return the horse back to good health while keeping the animal on their property. We also have great volunteers supporting our program for those cases that require a foster home.

We’d love to have you reach out to us and share your resources such as feed, shelter, horse care-related service, or a monetary contribution, all of which are tax-deductible.

Call our main line for all horse-related issues:  564.397.2488

Horses - mare and foal


If you are having trouble purchasing feed, getting your horse medical treatment or if you need to rehome a horse due to financial issues, COVID 19 or other emergency situations, please consider reaching out to the Clark County Executive Horse Council (add in their website link). The CCEHC is a valuable resource for horse owners.