Wetland and Habitat Review


Wetland Protection Remains in Effect In Clark County

On May 25, 2023, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision in the case of Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that limits the extent of waters subject to the Federal Clean Water Act. EPA subsequently issued a revised Federal Rule on August 29, 2023 redefining Waters of the United States and limiting the applicability of Section 404 of the Federal Clean Water Act to wetlands that have been historically regulated under Federal Law.

This change in Federal policy does not affect wetland regulations adopted by the state of Washington and Clark County. You can visit the Department of Ecology’s website State regulations & applicant resources - Washington State Department of Ecology, review Clark County Code 40.450, or email WetlandHabitatReview@clark.wa.gov for more information.

Our Wetland and Habitat Review program administers the county’s Wetland Protection and Habitat Conservation Ordinances, provides technical expertise for the administration of the Shoreline Master Program, and issues SEPA threshold determinations for projects that do not require Land Use or Shoreline Review or a Forest Practice Permit.

The work is field intensive and requires our staff to have expertise in botany, soil science, hydrology, fish and wildlife biology, and ecology. Staff identifies, maps, and assesses wetlands and priority habitats, reviews and approves technical studies and mitigation plans prepared by consultants, develops mitigation plans for residential building permits, and provides expert testimony at Land Use and Code Enforcement hearings. The biologists also provide customer service and intake services in the Permit Center and attend Pre-application Conferences. 

We also work with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Ecology, The Department of Natural Resources, and the US Army Corps of Engineers on individual development and mitigation projects as well as mitigation banking efforts in Clark County.

Find out if you have wetlands or habitat on your property with our look up tool.

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Wetland/Habitat permits are now available online. Visit CC LMS for more information.


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SLR-2021-00035 Park Meadow Early Grading, 6720 NE 56th Avenue

SLR-2022-00006 Felida Vista II Grading, 12301 NW 21st Avenue

SLR-2022-00014 Cold Creek North Grading, 7002 NE 43rd Avenue

SLR-2022-00028 Dicky's RV Phase 2, 17601 NE Union Road

SLR-2022-00031 Z20 Stockpile, 2411 NW 289th Street

SLR-2023-00001 Isaacson Driveway, parcel #207125000

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