Commercial - Property Assessed Clean Energy & Resiliency (C-PACER) Program


Applications are now being accepted through CC LMS, our online permitting system. 


What is C-PACER?

C-PACER is an alternative loan program that allows owners of eligible commercial properties to seek long-term financing from a private capital provider for qualified improvements related to energy and building resiliency. 



C-PACER loans can offer more favorable loan terms like less upfront capital, longer term limits, etc. 
More favorable loan terms give commercial property owners more to invest in green building improvements which can lead to long term savings by lowering utility bills. 

C-PACER loans are tied to the property (not the owner) through an annual property assessment managed by a third-party capital provider. C-PACER loans run with the land and are transferrable upon sale of the property.

Commercial buildings are a large source of greenhouse gases and the C-PACER program is an incentive to achieve our community’s goals as stated in the Climate Action Plan. (Climate Action Plan)

Eligible properties

Privately-owned commercial, agricultural, industrial, multi-family housing (5+ units) property that may be owned by any type of business, corporation, individual, or non-profit.

Qualified improvements

In general, the following examples of qualified improvement are eligible for C-PACER financing:

Energy efficiency

  • HVAC System
  • Replacing lighting fixtures
  • Building insulation upgrades
  • Energy efficient appliances

Renewable energy

  • Solar panels
  • Geothermal heating system

Water conservation

  • Replacing lead water pipes, installing low-flow fixtures, repair leaking systems
  • Water-smart landscaping, sprinkler and irrigations systems
  • Energy efficient appliances


  • Seismic retrofits
  • Wet and dry flood proofing
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Energy storage system


C-PACER process



Application submittal must include a $500 application fee. 

Upon approval by county staff and prior to recordation of documents for a C-PACER transaction, a program fee will be due. The program fee is one percent (1%) of the total project valuation, with a $2,500 minimum and $15,000 maximum fee due. 



Megan Fletcher

Building Safety