Download approved plans


Once your application has been approved and all the fees paid, we’ll send you an email informing you that the approved plans are ready to download. Please print one color copy of all approved plans and keep them onsite for inspection purposes.

In ProjectDox, you have access to your submittal at any point in time. This means that if your plans get lost or destroyed, you can always access them again in ProjectDox and reprint them.

Download approved plans

Step 1: Click on the Start Task link contained in the email notifying you that the approved plans are ready for download.

Step 2: This takes you to the ProjectDox Login screen. It will automatically populate your email address. Enter your password and click Login.

Step 3: This will open your approved plans in ProjectDox. Click on the Files tab and then the Approved folder.

Approved folder


Step 4: Use the check boxes in front of each file to select the files or use the check box at the top to select every file in the Approved folder.

Select files to download


Step 5: With the files selected using the checkboxes, click on the download arrow at the top of the list.

Download icon


Step 6: A confirmation message appears saying the files are being packaged.

Files are being packaged


Step 7: In the center of your screen, you’ll see Download Files window. Click on Download ZIP.

Download zip button


Step 8: A dialog box should display in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen as it downloads the ZIP file. It will either open automatically but if it does not, you may need to click on the downward arrow and select Show in folder.

Show file in folder


Step 9: This opens a new window that will show your approved zip folder. Select Compressed Folder Tools and then Extract all.

Extract files from zip file


Step 10: This opens a new window that allows you to select where you’d like to save the approved files to. Click Browse and select where you’d like to store these files, then click Extract.

Browse for destination to save file


Step 11: This will show you the approved files in the location you selected. You can now print them. One color copy of the approved plans must be on site for inspection purposes. Since these files are now saved on your computer, you can access them at any time in case any are misplaced or destroyed out in the field.

List of PDF files


Making a multi-page PDF of the approved plans

If you have Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro, you can combine the approved plan files into a multi-page PDF document. You are not able to do this if you only have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Step 1: Start by going to where you have the approved files on your computer and select all the plan pages by using the shift or control key. With all the files selected, right-click and select Combine files in Acrobat.

Combine files in Adobe


Step 2: A new window opens that shows you the order it will place the pages in. Since your file names all start with a number 001, 002, 003, etc. they will display in the correct order. Click on Combine Files.

View of Adobe screen


Step 3: Adobe will now open the multi-page PDF document you created from the approved plans. You can save it on your computer, print it or send it to a third party.

View of multipage PDF file