Fire forms and fees


Battle Ground and Ridgefield fire permits

The Clark County Fire Marshal’s Office no longer contracts with the cities of Battle Ground or Ridgefield. If your site is within those jurisdictions, contact them for permit information. To find your jurisdiction, use MapsOnline:

Battle Ground: contact Battle Ground at, 360.342.5046
Ridgefield: contact Clark County Fire and Rescue at, 360.887.4609

Follow the Fire Marshal’s Office application guidelines found on this web page:

The following documents are in PDF format unless noted otherwise.

See our Outdoor Burning page for more information and permit
Lottery application
Notice of intent to apply for retail fireworks permit
Retail sales of fireworks application packet
Mobile fueling
Company permit
Site permit
Plan review
Plan review application - apply online!
Alternative Materials and Methods
Combustible Stock Storage Questionnaire
Public records requests
Tents and special events
Exhibitor Requirements
Fire and Life Safety Requirements
Heating Tents and Membrane Structures
Flame Retardant Verification
Haunted House Requirements
Carbon Dioxide Systems