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Apply online, learn more about CC LMS

All building permits are available for application in Clark County’s Land Management System, CC LMS. You can now register, apply for, and track a building permit online via the public portal from the comfort of your office or home! 

Key points to remember:

  • Anyone with an online account can apply for a permit
  • Complete this simple registration to create an account
  • Refer to the Tidemark to LMS Crosswalk to determine the new permit type
  • View or download a How-To Guide
  • Quick Permits:  Apply and pay online, print from your browser
    * A standard convenience fee will apply to online payments

Checks are not being accepted during the Permit Center closure. All fees must be paid online.
* A standard convenience fee will apply to online payments

Check acceptance

The Permit Center will not accept checks in excess of the amount due at submittal. Additionally, the Permit Center has a no-refund policy for amounts less than $200 that will be followed more rigorously. 

With the recent release of all building and fire permits online, Clark County has noticed an uptick in customers coming to the Permit Center with checks written for the wrong amounts. There are three reasons for errors:

  • Using the Fee Estimate report as the basis for determining fees
  • Entering incorrect information during the application process
  • Writing checks for the entire fees due when only application fees are due at submittal

This presents significant challenges for staff, presents customers with an extended refund wait time (six weeks minimum), and is very expensive for the county to process.

We encourage customers to pay online at time of submittal or complete their check once the application has been processed.

Electrical Permits

Clark County does not issue electrical permits. Visit or call 360.896.2300.

Forms and handouts

All forms are PDF files unless noted otherwise.

Commercial Construction Revised date
Agricultural Buildings 01/29/21
Alternate Materials, Design, and Methods of Construction 01/29/21
Commercial Building Permit Application 04/25/19
Code Summary Requirements and Worksheet for New Construction 01/29/21
Commercial Permit Categories
- Business Name Change Only Affidavit
Commercial Submittal Checklist
- Deferred Submittals
Demolition 06/20/18

Energy Code requirements
Visit the Washington State Energy Code Technical Support site for information and documents


Fabricator Approval 10/01/08

Geotechnical Engineer Responsibility and Requirements in a Geotech

Soil Investigations and Geotechnical Reports - general code requirements




Mechanical -
HVAC System Guidelines
HVAC Replacement - Checklist for RTU and Split Systems
Mechanical Permit



Plumbing Permit 10/03/16
Re-roofing  07/16/18
Re-siding  07/16/18
Signs 10/03/16
Special Inspections and Testing 08/17/17
Structural design criteria - commercial 01/29/21
Swimming Pool Requirements
- Swimming Pool and Spa Barrier Requirements
Tenant improvements
- Information
- Checklist
See also Commercial Permit Categories
Window Replacement  07/16/18
Heating, Cooling and Plumbing Revised date
HVAC System Guidelines 10/04/17
Mechanical Permit- heating and cooling  04/24/17
Plumbing Permit  10/03/16
Trade Permits Revised date
Mechanical (LTD) 09/20/16
Roofing, Siding, and Window Replacement (RSW) 07/16/18
Manufactured and Mobile Homes Revised date
Frequently Asked Questions 02/21/13
Manufactured Home Storage 02/16/12
Mobile Home Submittal Packet 11/07/17

Mobile Home Hardship Submittal Packet
- Affidavit (print on legal size)
- Renewal


Mobile Home Park Submittal Packet 11/07/17
Removal of Temporary Dwelling Affidavit 10/10/16
Road Approach 02/16/12
Sewer Waiver 03/02/16
Title Elimination 05/18/15
Typical Inspections 03/18/15
Residential Construction Revised date
Address Only 01/16/20
Adult Family Home 08/08/17
Agricultural Buildings 01/29/21
Alternate Materials, Design, and Methods of Construction 04/29/20

Application and Submittal Checklists
- LEAN review process
Permit Information
- Plot Plan Checklist and Example

Master Plan Program for production builders



Construction Guide 09/28/17
Demolition 06/20/18

Energy Code requirements -
WSEC Plan Sheet - Please fill out and print, 11 x 17

These required forms are available through the WSU Energy Program
- Prescriptive Worksheet and Checklist- All Climate Zones
- Energy Credit Option Combinations
- Glazing Schedule
- Heat System Sizing Worksheet
- Total UA Alternative Worksheet
- Alterations (Remodel) Worksheet




Energy efficiency - Many forms, publications, and tools are available through the WSU Energy Program, including these:
- Air Leakage Testing
- Duct and Blower Door Test
- Duct Leakage Affidavit for Existing Construction
- Duct Leakage Affidavit for New Construction
- Duct Sealing Benefits
- Duct Testing Standards
- Getting to know your ventilation system

Whole house ventilation
For houses built after 1990
For houses built after 2010

Garden Sheds 05/06/15
Gazebos 05/06/15

Geotechnical Engineer Responsibility and Requirements in a Geotech

Soil Investigations and Geotechnical Reports - general code requirements




Impact Fees
- Impact Fees for single-family residential construction
- Deferred impact fees 
- Deferred impact fee agreement and covenant



Manufactured Home Storage 02/16/12
Mechanical Permit - heating and cooling
- HVAC System Guidelines
Plan Review General Requirements 01/29/21
Play Structures 09/27/11
Plumbing Permit 10/03/16
Re-roofing 07/16/18
Re-siding 07/16/18
Road Approach 02/16/12
Roof-mounted residential solar photovoltaic systems 04/10/19
Sewer Waiver 03/02/16
Structural Design Information 01/29/21
Swimming Pool Requirements
- Swimming Pool and Spa Barrier Requirements
Typical Inspections 02/26/14
Wildland Urban Interface/Intermix Area (WUII) 07/29/20
Window Replacement 07/16/18
Woodstove 01/29/21
Stormwater and Erosion Control Revised date
Information regarding permits affected by injunction on stormwater compliance  
Residential Stormwater Plan
- Addendums to the Clark County Stormwater Manual

Erosion Control Plan
- Erosion Control Log

Soil Amendment Plan 12/12/16
Soil Textural Triangle 11/04/16

BMP T5.10A - Downspout Full Infiltration - Drywells​
- Procedure statement #7

BMP T5.10B - Downspout Full Infiltration - Infiltration Trenches 03/04/16
BMP T5.10C - Downspout Dispersion 03/04/16
BMP T5.10D - Perforated Stub-out Connections 03/04/16
BMP T5.11 - Concentrated Flow Dispersion 03/04/16
BMP T5.12 - Sheet Flow Dispersion 03/04/16
BMP T5.13 - Post Construction Soil Quality and Depth 06/01/16
BMP T5.14A - Rain Gardens 07/16/18
BMP T5.15 - Permeable Pavement 03/04/16
BMP T5.30A - Full Dispersion 03/04/16
BMP T5.30B - Dispersion to Pasture or Cropland 03/04/16
BMP C101 - Preserving Natural Vegetation 03/30/12
BMP C102 - Buffer Zones 03/30/12
BMP C103 - High Visibility Plastic or Metal Fence 03/30/12
BMP C105 - Stabilized Construction Entrance 06/21/18
BMP C120 - Temporary and Permanent Seeding 03/30/12
BMP C121 - Mulching 03/30/12
BMP C122 - Nets and Blankets 03/30/12
BMP C123 - Plastic Covering 03/30/12
BMP C150 - Materials on Hand 01/07/16
BMP C151 - Concrete Handling 01/07/16
BMP C160 - Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead 01/07/16
BMP C203 - Water Bars 01/07/16
BMP C207 - Check Dams 03/30/12
BMP C208 - Triangular Silt Dike (Geotextile-Encased Check Dam) 01/07/16
BMP C209 - Outlet Protection 01/07/16
BMP C220 - Storm Drain Inlet Protection 03/30/12
BMP C231 - Brush Barrier 01/07/16
BMP C233 - Silt Fence 03/30/12
BMP C233A - Bio-filter Bags - Sediment Barrier 01/07/16
BMP C234 - Vegetated Strip 03/30/12
BMP C235 - Straw Wattles for Erosion Control 03/30/12