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Land Use Review permits are now available for application in Clark County’s Land Management System, CC LMS. You can now register, apply for, and track a land use review online via the public portal from the comfort of your office or home! 

A Developer's Packet is required for many land use applications and is available in the GIS Department.

All forms are PDF files except where noted.

GeneralRevised date
Land use review application01/06/22
Type II, II-A and III submittal requirements 09/20/22
Post Decision Review submittal requirements09/20/22
Certification of landscape installation01/09/13
Land divisions / adjustmentsRevised date
Boundary line adjustment – Allows for the adjustment of lot lines that conform to zoning requirements09/20/22
Cluster developments09/20/22
Legal lot determination – Process used to determine if a parcel of land is legal for building09/20/22
Lot reconfiguration – Used to adjust the boundaries of existing legal nonconforming lots to create lots less than the current minimum lot size in Forest, Agricultural, and Urban Holding Districts09/20/22
Plat alteration09/20/22
Residential Infill (Repealed) 
Short plat – Process to divide land into nine or less urban lots and four or less rural lots09/20/22
Site plan review / commercialRevised date
60-day development review08/13/19
Binding site plan09/20/22
Commercial kennel09/20/22
Marijuana facilities permit guidance and submittal requirements09/20/22
Sign permit09/20/22
Type I review09/20/22
Type II review09/20/22
Winery and tasting room with events09/20/22
Wireless communication facilities
- Collocation Type I Review
- Site Type II Review
- Conditional use permit Type III Review

Other land use processesRevised date
Address only – Provides an address to a property where other building permits have not yet been issued01/16/20
Appeal and Motion for Reconsideration – Process used to appeal a land use decision09/20/22
Columbia Gorge permit
- See also:
Conditional use09/20/22
Mixed use development
- Guidelines - Part 1 (10MB), Part 2 (7MB), Part 3 (10MB)
Non-conforming use10/03/16
Planned unit development09/20/22
Post decision review05/11/22
Pre-application conference – Process for an applicant to present a development proposal to staff and to become informed about the application review and approval process
- Waiver – used to waive the pre-application conference process only for relatively simple applications

School modular09/20/22
Sewer waiver – New structures and land divisions within Urban Growth Areas are required to connect to a public sewer system unless a sewer waiver is approved09/20/22
Similar use09/20/22
Temporary use09/20/22
Variance – Provides relief to property owners where application of the Clark County Code may cause a hardship due to unusual circumstances of the land09/20/22
Zone change – Used to change the zoning designation of a parcel of land when a property owner wants to establish a use that is not permitted within the existing zoning09/20/22
Public hearing requirementsRevised date
Applicant posted land use sign
- Sign specifications (ZIP 1.2MB)
Neighborhood Review Meeting - administrative guidelines09/20/22
EnvironmentalRevised date
Archaeological review – Used to determine if cultural resources are present on a property08/20/14
- JARPA information and instructions
SEPA – Review under the State Environmental Policy Act to ensure that governmental agencies consider the environmental impacts of a proposal
- SEPA planned action
- SEPA Checklist (Word) (PDF)

Shoreline – Used to review a development proposal that could impact shoreline areas of local and statewide significance
- Residential shoreline exemption – Used for minor residential developments that will not require a shoreline substantial development permit
- Non-residential shoreline exemption



Changes to an existing homeRevised date
Accessory dwelling unit 
- Urban
- Rural

Garden shed, gazebo, and play structures05/06/15
Home business
- Minor
- Major
Private kennel03/08/12