LEAN Review Process Tutorial



This training is provided as a guidance on how to submit a fully complete application that meets the LEAN review process requirements to assure a five-day turnaround from application acceptance to permit issuance.

The LEAN review process is for a residential building permit for new home construction in a recorded rural or urban subdivision with approved stormwater design. The lot being served must be able to connect to public water and sewer services. To be eligible, the house must be less than 4,000 square feet of living space, up to 4,800 square feet including the garage.

Applicants are required to complete this training in order to use the LEAN review process for their new home construction permit.

This tutorial will address these topics:

  • LEAN review process
  • Project eligibility
  • Application packet for submittal
  • Permit application
  • Application checklist
  • Plot plan checklist
  • Stormwater and erosion control requirements
  • Building plans submittal requirements