Review process


We are committed to providing an efficient process for receiving, reviewing and issuing building, land use, engineering, fire and wetland/habitat permits.

Our ePlan Review process uses both CC LMS and ProjectDox.

ProjectDox is a web-based system for electronic plan review that provides a convenient central hub for development project groups (including applicants and county reviewers) to communicate and complete the entire plan review process online, from the initial application stage to the final approved plan set. ProjectDox is also used by other jurisdictions in the Portland metro area so many of you may be familiar with it already.

We no longer accept paper submittals. Our application process follows these steps. 

Application guidelines

For information on submitting a new application, visit our application submittal guidelines web page for each of the program areas. The process for new applications may have changed. Not all applications will be reviewed in ProjectDox, some will continue in LMS.   

General process

Step 1: Create a new permit in CC LMS

Create an online account in LMS or sign into your existing account. Apply for a new permit. The process for applying for a permit in LMS has not changed. Visit these pages for information about permits:

Step 2: Pay initial fees in CC LMS

Before you can upload plans or documents in ProjectDox, the review fees must be paid. The process for paying fees has not changed. There are two ways you can pay fees:

  • Online: Fees may be paid online through CC LMS using Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or eCheck. Convenience fees will apply.
  • In Person: Fees may be paid in person by cash or check at the Permit Center, 1300 Franklin St., Vancouver WA. Checks must be made out to Clark County Community Development. We do not accept checks through the mail. Check our website for the hours that we are open to the public.

Note: for reviews in ProjectDox, Staff will create your ProjectDox account for you and add your project to it.

Step 3: Follow application guidelines for submittal

  • For building permits, request an intake appointment
    Email to make a virtual appointment for your submittal. An MS Teams meeting link will be sent to you. All intake appointments are conducted virtually.
  • For other programs, visit the application guidelines page

Step 4: Invitation to upload documents and plans

Note: Not all applications will be reviewed in ProjectDox, some will continue in LMS.   

For applications that will be reviewed in ProjectDox, an email invitation to upload plans and documents will be sent from ProjectDox. This email is sent to the email address used in your CC LMS account. It gives you the application number, project name and Start Task link to ProjectDox.

Step 5: Upload process

Click on the Start Task link in your email to get started. Upload plans and documents in ProjectDox and complete your tasks. Plans and documents must be named and uploaded into the appropriate folders.

Step 6: Prescreen review

After the initial upload, all permit applications receive an initial administrative review by a Permit Technician to ensure that submittal requirements are met. If any plans or documents are missing or are incomplete, you will be notified by email of required corrections.

Step 7:  For building permits, attend intake appointment

An email with a MS Teams meeting link will be sent to you when you request an intake appointment. This appointment is for 30 minutes.

Step 8: Reviews in ProjectDox

After the Permit Technician verifies that submittal requirements are met and prescreen is complete, the application will be routed to all applicable disciplines for simultaneous review. An email notification will be sent to the applicant that the submittal has been routed for review.

Step 9: Corrections required

You will be notified of corrections (change marks) that are required and will be provided an opportunity to upload corrected plans or documents once all the reviews are finished.

If corrections are required, you will receive an email notification from ProjectDox with a link to view the correction items (change marks). 

Step 10: Approval process

When the application is finalized, you will receive an email that the permit is approved and if any fees are due. You may now download and print your files. Approved plans will be in ProjectDox, the Permit Card will be in CC LMS. 

Building permit issuance appointments are no longer necessary.