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New Home Construction stormwater review

Beginning June 1, Development Engineering will review Stormwater Minimum Requirements (MR) #1-5 for NHC/ADS building permits. The Permit Center will notify Development Engineering staff who will reach out to the applicant to start the submittal process. This is an ENG case in CC LMS and the fee is $345.00. The applicant (creator of the job) is responsible for submittals and payments. 

Stormwater is rain that runs off hard surfaces such as rooftops, paved streets, and parking lots. As water runs off these surfaces, it can pick up pollution such as oils and dirt. Untreated stormwater might flow directly into a local stream, river or lake negatively impacting the habitat or wildlife.

Development codes and design manuals ensure compliance with the county's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase I Municipal Stormwater permit. 

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All forms are PDF files unless noted otherwise.

Stormwater and Erosion Control Revised date
Information regarding permits affected by injunction on stormwater compliance  

Stormwater Plan Application for Building Permits

- Addendums to the Clark County Stormwater Manual



Stormwater for Building Permits MR#1-5 Plan Set Checklist

Stormwater for Building Permits MR#1-9 Plan Set Checklist

Stormwater for Building Permits MR#1-9 TIR Checklist




Erosion Control Plan
- Erosion Control Log

Soil Amendment Plan 12/12/16
Soil Textural Triangle 11/04/16

BMP T5.10A - Downspout Full Infiltration - Drywells​
- Procedure statement #7

BMP T5.10B - Downspout Full Infiltration - Infiltration Trenches 03/04/16
BMP T5.10C - Downspout Dispersion 03/04/16
BMP T5.10D - Perforated Stub-out Connections 03/04/16
BMP T5.11 - Concentrated Flow Dispersion 03/04/16
BMP T5.12 - Sheet Flow Dispersion 03/04/16
BMP T5.13 - Post Construction Soil Quality and Depth 06/01/16
BMP T5.14A - Rain Gardens 07/16/18
BMP T5.15 - Permeable Pavement 03/04/16
BMP T5.30A - Full Dispersion 03/04/16
BMP T5.30B - Dispersion to Pasture or Cropland 03/04/16
BMP C101 - Preserving Natural Vegetation 03/30/12
BMP C102 - Buffer Zones 03/30/12
BMP C103 - High Visibility Plastic or Metal Fence 03/30/12
BMP C105 - Stabilized Construction Entrance 06/21/18
BMP C120 - Temporary and Permanent Seeding 03/30/12
BMP C121 - Mulching 03/30/12
BMP C122 - Nets and Blankets 03/30/12
BMP C123 - Plastic Covering 03/30/12
BMP C150 - Materials on Hand 01/07/16
BMP C151 - Concrete Handling 01/07/16
BMP C160 - Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead 01/07/16
BMP C203 - Water Bars 01/07/16
BMP C207 - Check Dams 03/30/12
BMP C208 - Triangular Silt Dike (Geotextile-Encased Check Dam) 01/07/16
BMP C209 - Outlet Protection 01/07/16
BMP C220 - Storm Drain Inlet Protection 03/30/12
BMP C231 - Brush Barrier 01/07/16
BMP C233 - Silt Fence 03/30/12
BMP C233A - Bio-filter Bags - Sediment Barrier 01/07/16
BMP C234 - Vegetated Strip 03/30/12
BMP C235 - Straw Wattles for Erosion Control 03/30/12