CC LMS Training





This video will walk you through setting up an account.


You can view and/or download our Customer How-To Guide. It includes step by step instruction for creating an account, requesting inspections, and viewing your permit information.


Through our online permitting system, we offer fee estimates for the following permits. 

  • New Home Construction
  • Accessory structure
  • Additional Dwelling Space
  • Alteration/Repair/Specialty
  • Mobile Home
  • Commercial - New and Existing
  • Multi-family Residence
  • Cell Tower

To estimate fees:

  1. Create an account on CC LMS.
  2. From your HOME screen, select the Estimate Fees link.
  3. Select the permit you would like to estimate.
  4. Fill out the required information and the Fee Estimate will be generated.
  5. Print your customer report. NOTE: This is an estimate only and fees are subject to change.
  6. When you are ready to apply for your permit, convert your Fee Estimate to a permit without having to re-enter the details. Some additional information will be required.

YES! It’s as easy as selecting the ‘Apply for Permit’ button at the bottom of your fee estimate. You won’t have to re-enter any details you already submitted, but you will need to fill in some additional data.


This video will walk you through the process of applying for your New Home Construction permit online.


This video walk you through the application process for a new commercial permit. 


This video demonstrates the process of applying online for a Commercial Existing (CME) permit in Clark County’s online permitting system.  A Commercial Existing permit is required for scopes of work such as Business Name Change, Demise Walls, Move-In Only, Move-In Plus, Remodel of Existing Space/Building, Repair of Existing Space/Building, or Tenant Improvements. 


The following documents are available online to download and print, depending on permit type and permit status.

Document Status
Application Summary Any status, except Draft
Building or Fire Permit Issued
Inspection Results Issued
Temporary C of O (Commercial only) * Issued, if requested by inspector
Job Complete * Issued, after all fees, conditions, and holds are released
Certificate of Occupancy * Issued, after all fees, conditions, and holds are released

* Document varies based on permit type.


You will see this list of documents when you are in your permit and are in the Details tab.




A Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion are offered online for permits in CC LMS. The final certificate will be ready for download after the following have been completed:

  • Outstanding conditions or hold completion process have been accepted
    • Any conditions that were placed on the permit that will hold up occupancy/completion
    • Any holds that were placed on the permit that will hold up “completion”.
  • All required inspections are accepted
    • Final building inspection
    • Final fire (if applicable)
  • Any associated permits have been issued that may pertain to the job
    • Plumbing
    • Mechanical
    • Signs
    • Any other additional permits
  • Any other agency approvals have been completed
    • Clark Regional Wastewater District
    • Public Health
    • Fire Marshal
    • Any other additional approvals

Log in to CC LMS to view your permits at


Click on Search



Click on “My Permit Search”



You can search in a variety of ways. Permit type, permit number, location, or job status are recommended.



Click on Search

Click on the Permit Icon to open your permit



Click on Download Certificate of Occupancy


For external agency staff with approval authorization, this video will walk you through how to give approvals for permit issuance and occupancy. 

manual is also available for downloading.