Commercial permits


CMN - New construction
New commercial construction consists of both freestanding buildings and additions to buildings that create new floor space.

CME - Move-in only
A permit is required for new tenants that are not completing any construction activity. The use and occupancy type must be the same as the previous tenant. A review is done to validate appropriate occupancy and provide legal occupancy to the new tenant.

CME - Remodel
A permit is required for existing tenants completing renovations. This type of permit is also needed for new tenants that have the same occupancy type and that modify the building with new interior work (offices, restrooms, etc.) or exterior work (awnings, entry, but no added floor space).

CME - Tenant improvement
A permit is required for all work and modifications needed for a new use or occupancy type. The scope of work includes both interior and exterior modifications to the building.

Common examples of work requiring a permit

  • Installation of any plumbing fixtures such as water heaters, toilets, and sinks
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) work
  • Re-roofing, replacing siding and windows
  • Changes that create rooms, interrupt the approved exit path, or that increase the number occupants such as the addition of a conference room
  • Adding kitchens, kitchen equipment or seating areas
  • New business processes such as fabrication, painting or welding

For tenant improvements and new construction activities, plumbing, heating/cooling, water/sewer connections, and sign permits may be required.

In some instances, environmental permits may also be required. Refer to the site plan review for the project and/or contact a permit tech. 

If your project involves electrical work, connection to public water or sewer, or is for food service, you will need additional permits and approvals from other agencies.

Applying for a permit

These videos will walk you through the process of applying online for your commercial permits. Use our forms and checklists and follow our application guidelines.

CME permit

CMN permit


Electrical permits

Clark County does not issue electrical permits. Visit or call 360.896.2300.

Battle Ground and Ridgefield fire permits

The Clark County Fire Marshal’s Office no longer contracts with the cities of Battle Ground or Ridgefield. If your site is within those jurisdictions, contact them for permit information. To find your jurisdiction, use MapsOnline: