Forest Practices Permits


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Forest practices permits are regulated through the Washington State Forest Practices Act in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW 76.09) and in Clark County Code 40.260.080, Forest Practices.

The purpose of these codes is to identify potential effects of logging on critical areas, such as wetlands, steep slopes, stream buffers, archaeological sites and areas with known endangered or threatened species and habitat.

Please take some time to review this material so you understand if you will need to receive a forest practices permit before cutting trees. 

Since July 30, 2007, Clark County has imposed an automatic six-year parcel hold on property logged without first obtaining a required forest practices permit. This parcel hold prohibits building and other activity for six years.

Please read the Forest Practices Review (PDF) before removing trees on your property.

Applications in Review​

Applying for a Forest Practices Permit

Check your property for Environmental Constraints using Clark County’s Maps Online. You can use Maps Online to make a Logging Site Plan Map for your forest practices application. Be sure your map  includes the Water Types and Critical Areas layers.

Apply Online

You can now apply online. Use this link to take you to the Permit Center homepage:

Forest Practice Application (FPA)

City of Vancouver

City of Camas

Other cities in Clark County
You likely will need a Washington State Department of Natural Resources' forest practices application before removing trees. You also may want to contact the city and ask if it has any other special requirements before staring the process.