Kozy Kamp Neighborhood Park



Site for Kozy Kamp Neighborhood Park.


County staff relies on public participation to help guide the design process. The first project newsletter and comment form were mailed out to neighbors in May 2009. Several different development options were then presented for review and input at a public meeting in June 2009 and online. Additional information may be found in the Frequently Asked Questions handout provided via the link shown below.

Current status

County staff completed a preliminary design with the help of public feedback in 2009.  Shortly after, the project was put on hold due to lack of funding.  With funding sources now in place, plans are underway to develop the neighborhood park.  Due to the gap in time between 2009 and 2020, county staff revived the public outreach process to hear from neighbors about preferred elements of the park. The Open House was held on January 15, 2020 at Luke Jensen Sports Park located at 4000 NE 78th Street.

Preliminary Project Schedule

  • Final Design and Engineering (August 2020 – January 2021)

  • Construction Begins (Spring/Summer 2022)

Updates to the project status will be updated by staff as information becomes available.  A portion of the background information from 2009 remains on this page to help keep community members informed.

Scott Fakler, project manager
Clark County Public Works

Magan Reed, communications manager
Clark County Public Works

Site description

This five-acre property is located at 17410 Northeast 29th Avenue, a few blocks south of Northeast 179th Street in the Fairgrounds area.

The site currently includes a rental house and a few other structures. Before park construction starts, the county will remove the house and the other structures and salvage or recycle the materials.

The property is flat and grassy, with a handful of trees around the perimeter. There is currently no public access to the site.

Aerial photo of the site for Kozy Kamp Neighborhood Park.

Site for Kozy Kamp Neighborhood Park.

Concept plan

Public input during 2009 outreach efforts allowed community members to provide feedback on concept plans and features for the park. The concept plan for the park due to these endeavors includes:

  • Paved, wheelchair accessible loop trail with multiple access points

  • Small playground

  • Small multi-purpose sports court

  • Natural play-scape hill with trunk maze, habitat/native plan garden and slides

  • Open lawn play area

  • Picnic tables and benches

  • Additional trees and other landscaping

  • Space for an unfunded future gazebo or small picnic shelter

  • Garbage cans, bike rack and signage

  • Constructing frontage improvements on Northeast 29th Avenue, adjacent to the park.

Neighborhood parks are designed to be walk-to/bike-to parks for people who live within a half-mile radius. They are not meant to be major destination parks, attracting visitors from across the county. Accordingly, they do not have parking lots or restrooms, which are included in larger community or regional parks that draw people from far away.

Updated Concept Plan 2020 (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Project funding      

Design and construction of Kozy Kamp Neighborhood Park may be funded by a combination of:

  • Park impact fees, which are collected when new residential property is developed

  • Real estate excise taxes, which are collected whenever homes are sold in Clark County

  • Greater Clark Parks District property taxes

  • Grant funding and/or donations

February 2020 Heads Up (PDF)

Contact Information for Clark County Parks:
To contact Clark County Parks by phone, 564.397.2285, or email, parks@clark.wa.gov.


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