Legacy Lands Program

Legacy Lands Program

Clark County’s diverse natural landscape is made up of broad river valleys, narrow creek canyons, wetlands, lakes, riparian zones, forests, mountains, meadows, foothills and farms. The Legacy Lands program (Clark County’s Conservation Futures Program) protects these lands highly valued for habitat, scenic corridors, low-impact recreation and other qualities that enhance our local environment.

In 2015, the Clark County Conservation Futures program, Legacy Lands, celebrated its 30th anniversary. 


Proposed Legacy Lands purchases.


Clark County to purchase 10 Legacy Lands sites

In November 2017, the Board of County Councilors authorized issuing $7 million in bonds to purchase 10 properties spread across the county. Land acquisition is underway with 125 acres already purchased. 

Bonds were sold by the County Treasurer’s Office in June 2018. Principal and interest on the bonds will be repaid over a 20-year period using revenue from the Conservation Futures levy.

For more information on these planned purchases, read the Board of County Councilors staff report or watch this December 2017 CVTV video.

[video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtuGbb4KtLU&feature=youtu.be]​

Legacy Lands brochure cover 2015


The county has more than 5,000 acres of protected land. Concentrations of public conservation ownership occur along some of most scenic rivers, streams and lakes. Many of these areas are open for public use while others provide critical habitat for protected species. Open the Legacy Lands brochure to find a natural area near you.

Visit your local conservation properties for adventures close to home including hikes, horseback rides or picnics. We provide you a listing of properties, facilities and features to help plan for a one hour trek or an all day adventure.  View property list here.



The Legacy Lands program is guided by several key documents that were developed with local partners and stakeholders. The program targets key conservation properties and areas for conservation and protection.

The 2022 update to the Natural Areas Acquisition Plan is currently in draft form. Interested parties are encouraged to review the plan and submit comments.


The Legacy Lands Program works to conserve open space, farm land and timber land. The following documents will help guide residents interested in participating in this program:


The program’s primary county revenue source is the Conservation Futures levy. Conservation Futures funding has supported over 100 distinct acquisition projects in Clark County. Almost all of these combined local revenues with grants and donations to accomplish the acquisitions.

Acquisitions also occurred through the State Department of Natural Resources Trust Land Transfer Program and privately owned land donations. The county also coordinates its acquisitions with other land conservation entities such as the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, State Department of Fish and Wildlife, cities and towns and private land trusts.


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State of Washington's RCW 84.34 Conservation Futures

The Columbian - published 05.12.2022

Rules for open spaces: All county open space lands must follow public use rules as outlined in Clark County Municipal Code 9.05