Residential Relocation


In some cases, Clark County might require you to move because your property is needed for a road project.

Under state law, an eligible person or business that is displaced is entitled to relocation assistance. This assistance can include both advisory and financial assistance. Assistance also may be available for farms and nonprofit organizations displace by road construction.

County assistance

A county relocation specialist will meet with you to provide one-on-one assistance. The specialist will explain the entire process in detail and determine what benefits you are eligible to receive. The best way to proceed is to work closely with a county relocation specialist.

Depending on eligibility, relocation assistance could include:

  • Helping you find a suitable replacement property.
  • Providing you with replacement housing payments if your new home costs more than your existing one.
  • Reimbursing you for home inspection fees, title searches and other closing costs.
  • Offering rental supplements if you decide to rent instead of purchasing another home.
  • Paying your moving expenses.

Business assistance could include:

  • Search fees for finding a new location.
  • Moving costs.
  • Re-establishment costs, such as revised stationary, equipment and utility hookups.


If you have questions about relocation assistance, please call Real Property Services at 564.397.4975​

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