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Current COVID Guidelines (updated 7/13/2021)

Volunteers who are fully vaccinated (click here for information about who is considered fully vaccinated) do not need to practice social distancing or wear a mask during outdoor volunteer activities. Volunteers who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated must wear a mask and socially distance from anyone who does not live in their household. All volunteers should stay home and not attend any volunteer activities if they are feeling unwell or exhibiting symptoms of any illness, including but not limited to COVID-19.

For questions please email kaley.mclachlan-burton@clark.wa.gov or call 564.397.1679.

Why volunteer?

Volunteers play an integral role in our community by caring for and improving parks, trails, road sides and other public places. Not only do volunteers provide valuable support, but they also bring new ideas, energy and perspective.

You and our community receive numerous benefits when you volunteer in Clark County parks. By volunteering, you can:

  • Help build community.
  • Ensure the continuing vitality and health of parks.
  • Spend time outdoors.
  • Enhance work and life experiences.
  • Meet new people, build lasting relationships and have fun.

Can I volunteer?

Whether you are a student, adult, family or community group, we will work with you to find a volunteer opportunity that best suits your interests and skills. There are more than 50 parks and greenways, some 7,000 acres, from which to choose to volunteer.

Teenagers 14 to 17 must have parental permission to volunteer. Youth younger than 14 are able to volunteer with a parent or guardian. Referrals also can be made to other community agencies that welcome youth volunteers.

Current volunteers

Check the online calendar for upcoming opportunities and log your hours through the Volgistics website. Not sure how to log your hours? Contact us.

How to get started

We welcome volunteers who are interested in an ongoing opportunity or on a one-time basis. Whether you volunteer once or many time a year, your efforts will make a difference.

One-day work parties
If you want to volunteer for a specific event, please go to the online calendar, locate that event and register. There is no need to complete an application for a one-time event.

Ongoing volunteer opportunities
Volunteers will need to complete an application if they intend to volunteer on an ongoing basis.

  1. Select a volunteer opportunity
  2. Fill out a volunteer application
  3. Participate in a brief interview/orientation. After you fill out the interest form, we will schedule an interview to assure a successful match between you and the volunteer duties. For some short-term or one-time projects, the interview process may be modified or waived. Before you start volunteering, you will attend orientation to learn about policies  procedures, and general information about volunteering.
  4. Receive onsite training. As a valued volunteer, you are invited to offer ideas and suggestions that help keep the Clark County's programs and services in touch with the needs of area residents.

For more information, read Clark County's Volunteer Program Policy Manual (PDF).

Monthly newsletter

Clark County offers a monthly newsletter that informs the public of upcoming volunteer events and gives a brief synopsis of the previous month's events.  You can subscribe to the newsletter to stay up-to-date on the volunteer program. 

More information

Watch this December 2017 CVTV video about Clark County Public Works' volunteer program.
[video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwLOtZa_tw8&feature=youtu.be]

Volunteer Forms

You can now sign volunteer forms online! You don't need a DocuSign account to sign the liability/media release or minor consent form. 

2021 Clark County Public Works Volunteer Liability and Media Release (digital signature)

2021 Clark County Public Works Volunteer Minor Consent and Release (digital signature)


Staff contacts

Clark County Public Works Volunteer Program
4700 NE 78th St.
Vancouver, WA 98665

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