Weed Board


The Clark County Weed Board is a five-member board that advises the Clark County Council on controlling noxious weeds in Clark County.

Board members

District Name Four-Year Term Expires
District 1 Lee Wells 12-31-2022
District 2 Lisa Nelski 12-31-2025
District 3 Bill Zimmerman (Vice Chairman) 12-31-2025
District 4 Jerry Kolke (Chairman) 12-31-2025
District 5 Randy Lawffer 12-31-2022

Map showing approximate boundaries for five districts (PDF)

The Weed Board is scheduled to meet four times in 2021:

  • 9 am Monday, Feb. 1, Teleconference.
  • 9 am Monday, May  3, Teleconference
  • 9 am Monday, Aug 2,   Conference Room B-1, 78th Street Operations Center, 4700 NE 78th St.
  • 9 am Monday, Sept 13, Appeal Hearing, Conference Room A-1, 78th Street Operations Center, 4700 NE 78th St.,  As directed in RCW 17.10.050, the Clark County Noxious Weed Control Board will hold an upcoming meeting to hear appeals of notices of civil infraction.
  • 9 am Monday, Nov. 1,   Conference Room B-1, 78th Street Operations Center, 4700 NE 78th St.  Submit public comment to: weed.board@clark.wa.gov the day before the meeting date and comments will be read and addressed during the meeting.   

Contact email: weed.board@clark.wa.gov

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