Parking fees




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Clark County Parks charges daily parking fees year-round at four regional parks:

PW Parks Parking Pass 2022

​Daily parking fees at these four parks are:

  • $2 for motorcycles
  • $3 for vehicles
  • $6 for vehicles with trailers
  • $8 for buses or motor homes

These are parking fees, not entrance fees. There is no charge for people who walk or bicycle into any of the four parks.

Annual parking pass

2022 annual passes can be purchased for $30 and will be valid for the rest of the calendar year, not for the 12-month period following the sale. The pass will be valid for use at Frenchman’s Bar Regional Park, Lewisville Regional Park, Salmon Creek Regional Park/Klineline Pond and Vancouver Lake Regional Park. ​Pass holders will save money if they visit just one of the four parks once a month during 2022.  

Annual passes can be purchased online using either Visa or MasterCard.

Parking passes are nonrefundable and cannot be transferred. People who lose their parking pass must provide valid identification, proof of purchase and pay a $10 fee to receive a replacement pass.

Please note that neither a Washington State Parks Discover Pass nor a city of Vancouver annual parking pass for the Marine Park Boat Launch can be used at the four county parks charging parking fees. The county's parking pass also is not valid at Washington State Parks or the Marine Park Boat Launch.

Daily Fee collection

When fee booths are not staffed, park users need to use self-pay stations. 

Self-pay stations accept cash, coin, debit cards, Visa and MasterCard. They do not accept checks, Discover or American Express cards.

Under Clark County Code, parking a vehicle without paying the required daily fee or displaying a valid parking pass could result in a $40 fine.

Clark County Code, 9.05.260 Parking

The fastest, most convenient option is to pay with the flowbird mobile app, right from your smartphone. 



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