Project Application

The Legacy Lands Program works to conserve open space, farm land and timber land.

Infographic describing the steps in Legacy Lands application

What information if required in the application proposal?

1. Project Narrative

Provide a narrative that summarizes the project proposal and the value of the property to our community per the project application. This information should include site data, project partners, funding information, maintenance and operations goals, acquisition timeline, etc. Information shall include:

  • Sponsoring Agency
  • Project Location
  • Existing Conditions and Use
  • Type of Interest to be acquired Site Description
  • Proposed Improvements
  • Proposed Uses
  • Anticipated Project Cost (Expenses and Revenues, including in-kind)

2. Site Location Map

On a map of Clark County or a map of the appropriate jurisdictional boundaries, clearly identify the location of the proposed acquisition. Include an aerial photograph with the location identified. Include a minimum of one (1) mile radius around the site for context and label significant features and/or landmarks including roads.

3. Project Boundary Map

On a quarter section map or other map of sufficiently small scale, identify the boundaries of the proposed project. The dimensions and configuration of the parcel should be easily seen (in some cases, the site location map may also serve this purpose).

4. Images / Photographs

Provide a minimum of six (6) representative images of the property. The images should show terrain, plant types, waterfront, man-made features, access roads, etc.

5. Development Plan

Provide a schematic or master plan of the project site showing proposed uses and improvements. If not available, provide a detailed description of the uses and improvements that are planned for the site.

6. Maintenance and Operations Plan

Include a summary of the sponsor’s approach to operation of the site (i.e. uses, programming, facilities, etc.) as well as maintenance plans (i.e. daily, annual, asset management, asset preservation, etc.).

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