Vegetation and Weeds

It depends on the species of the weeds. Please refer to the Clark County Noxious Weed List.

If the weed species are designated for control or eradication, Vegetation Management will contact the property owner. Our process includes following up with them to enforce RCW 17.10.140.

If the weed species are not designated for control, such as blackberries, bamboo, dandelions, nuisance trees, or tall grass, Vegetation Management can choose to provide control information to property owners. The property owner is not required to control these species under RCW 17.10.140. You can check with Clark County Code Enforcement for issues with tall grass; these complaints are accepted from May 1 to September 30.

That's difficult to do over the phone. The department can send someone out to identify the plants in person and provide best strategies to control problem plants. Call 564-397-6140 to schedule the visit.

You can also email pictures of the plants to Please provide detailed pictures of the flowers and the leaves. Pictures that show the scale of the plants are very helpful too.

Yes! The department can mail or email information about different removal approaches, such as chemicals and biological agents, and/or convey these recommendations over the phone.

The Washington state noxious weed control board has produced a helpful guide called Disposal of Noxious Weeds.

Before burning noxious weeds, contact the Clark County Fire Marshal's Office.