Standard Details


Standard Details are provided for constructing various Clark County projects. Details are grouped by construction activity and include details for roadway design, transportation and traffic features, drainage features, and erosion and sediment control. 

Standard Details have been grouped according to specific construction categories.

Clark County's Public Works Director has approved and signed each Standard Detail. As standards change, each detail is updated on an "as needed" basis, with the Public Works Director approving and signing all changes.

The revision date is included on all Standard Details. 

Standard Details are not to be modified from their current form. Any modification requires removing all signatures since Clark County has not approved the change. Anyone making modifications must assume full responsibility for the changes made.

For details not shown here, refer to:
Standard Details, Washington State Department of Transportation

Any questions regarding these details can be directed to:
Dave Daly
Engineering and Design Section Supervisor
Clark County Public Works

Information about best management practices related to stormwater can be found in:
Clark County Stormwater Manual 2015, Book 2, Best Management Practices Design

The following provides links to Standard Details grouped by construction activity:

PDFs are provided for download. They may be converted to an image file (JPG) but a minimum of 300dpi resolution is suggested   

Roadway Sections

 Complete Set of Roadway Sections (PDF)   
Drawing 1 Parkway Arterial (Pa-4b)PDF  
Drawing 2Urban Principal Arterial (Pr-4cb)PDF  
Drawing 3Urban Minor Arterial (M-4cb)PDF  
Drawing 4Urban Minor Arterial (M-2cb)PDF  
Drawing 5Urban Collector (C-2cb)PDF  
Drawing 6Urban Collector (C-2)PDF  
Drawing 7Urban Collector (C-2b)PDF  
Drawing 8Local Commercial/IndustrialPDF  
Drawing 9Commercial/Industrial With Bike LanesPDF  
Drawing 10Commercial/Industrial With ParkingPDF  
Drawing 11Commercial/Industrial StorefrontPDF  
Drawing 12Urban Neighborhood CirculatorPDF  
Drawing 13Urban Local Residential AccessPDF  
Drawing 14Urban Short Cul-De-SacPDF  
Drawing 15Urban Private Road (Residential Areas)PDF  
Drawing 16Urban Private Road With Parking Lane (Residential Areas)PDF  
Drawing 17Urban AlleyPDF  
Drawing 18Rural Arterial (RA) 2-LanePDF  
Drawing 19Rural Major Collector (R-2) 2-LanePDF  
Drawing 20Rural Minor Collector (Rm-2) 2-LanePDF  
Drawing 21Rural Local AccessPDF  
Drawing 22Rural Private RoadPDF  
Drawing 23Urban Cul-De-SacPDF  
Drawing 24Urban Short Cul-De-SacPDF  
Drawing 25Rural Cul-De-SacPDF  
Drawing 26Temporary Cul-De-SacPDF  
Drawing 27Dead-End Hammerhead Temporary or RuralPDF  
Drawing 27ADead-End Hammerhead Temporary or Rural (Alternative)PDF  
Drawing 28Dead-End Hammerhead UrbanPDF  
Drawing 28ADead-End Hammerhead Urban (Alternative)PDF  
Drawing 29Passing Turnout For Use On DrivewaysPDF  
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 Complete Set of Transportation Details (PDF)   
UGNStandard Trench Restoration and Grading  NotesPDF  
UGN(2)Standard Trench Restoration and Grading NotesPDF  
U1Open Cut Utility Trench Backfill - Collector or Arterial RoadwayPDF  
U2Open Cut Utility Trench Backfill - Collector or Arterial Roadway (Alternate)PDF  
U3Open Cut Utility Trench Backfill - Residential RoadwayPDF  
U4Concrete RoadwayPDF  
U5Roadway Shoulder - Includes Lawn And LandscapePDF  
U6Pavement Reconstruction For Surface Or Transverse CutsPDF  
U7Butt Joint Planing And OverlayPDF  
U8Intersection Overlay For All Road IntersectionsPDF  
U9Utility PlacementPDF  
F1Curb Ramp & Construction NotesPDF  
F2Parallel Curb Ramp - Type APDF  
F2aDual Parallel Curb RampsPDF  
F3Parallel Curb Ramp - Type BPDF  
F4Perpendicular Curb Ramp - Type APDF  
F5Perpendicular Curb Ramp - Type BPDF  
F6Single Direction Curb Ramp - Type A (Warning Surface On Landing)PDF  
F6aSingle Direction Curb Ramp - Type B (Warning Surface On Curb Ramp)PDF  
F7Single Direction Curb Ramp - Type CPDF  
F8Combination Curb RampPDF  
F10Detectable Warning SurfacePDF  
F11Detectable Warning Surface On Asphalt Path Installation MethodsPDF  
F12Cement Concrete Sidewalk DetailPDF  
F12aAsphalt Path/WalkwayPDF  
F13Typical Mailbox PlacementPDF  
F14Cement Concrete Approach - Type 1 - Detached SidewalkPDF  
F15Cement Concrete Approach - Type 2 - Attached SidewalkPDF  
F16Cement Concrete Approach - Modified Type 2 - Attached SidewalkPDF  
F17Commercial Cement Concrete Approach - Detached SidewalkPDF  
F17aCommercial Cement Concrete Approach - Attached SidewalkPDF  
F18Concrete CurbsPDF  
F18bConcrete Roll Curb And GutterPDF  
F18cRoof And Footing Drain Through Cement Concrete Roll Curb And GutterPDF  
F18dConcrete Driveway Cut DetailPDF  
F19aMedian Curbing Sheet 1 Of 4PDF  
F19bMedian Curbing Sheet 2 Of 4PDF  
F19cMedian Curbing Sheet 3 Of 4PDF  
F19dMedian Curbing Sheet 4 Of 4PDF  
F20Shoulder And Ditch Section Rural DrivewayPDF  
F21Separated Walkway (Neighborhood Circulation)PDF  
F27Manhole AdjustmentPDF  
F28Centerline MonumentsPDF  
F30Pavement Widening (Frontage Improvements)PDF  
F31Concrete JointsPDF  
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 Complete Set of Traffic Details (PDF)   
T1.0Standard Notes For Contractor Installed Signing And StripingPDF  
T2.0Standard Notes For County Installed Signing And StripingPDF  
T2.10Sample Sign And Striping Install Plan SheetPDF  
T2.20Sample Sign Install Specifications SheetPDF  
T3.0Longitudinal MarkingsPDF  
T3.1Intersection MarkingsPDF  
T4.0Traffic ArrowsPDF  
T6.0Pavement Marking SymbolsPDF  
T7.0Steel Sign Support Type ST-4 And Sign Installation DetailsPDF  
T8.0Street Name Sign Details Sheet 1 of 3PDF  
T8.1Street Name Sign Details Sheet 2 of 3PDF  
T8.2Street Name Sign Details Sheet 3 of 3PDF  
T9.0Type II And III BarricadesPDF  
T10.0Bollards Sheet 1 of 3PDF  
T10.1Bollards Sheet 2 of 3PDF  
T10.2Bollards Sheet 3 of 3PDF  
T11.0Left-Turn Channelization Sheet 1 of 4PDF  
T11.1Left-Turn Channelization Sheet 2 of 4PDF  
T11.2Left-Turn Channelization Sheet 3 of 4PDF  
T11.3Left-Turn Channelization Sheet 4 of 4PDF  
T12.0Delineation For Median Curb And Center Median IslandPDF  
T12.1Signing And Delineation For LID FeaturesPDF  
T13.0Bike Lane Signing And Striping Scenario BL1PDF  
T14.0Bike Lane Signing And Striping Scenario BL2PDF  
T15.0Bike Lane Signing And Striping Scenario BL3PDF  
T16.0Green Bike Lane Signing And Striping Scenario GBL1PDF  
T17.0Green Bike Lane Signing And Striping Scenario GBL2PDF  
T18.0Green Bike Lane Signing And Striping Scenario GBL3PDF  
T19.0Green Bike Lane Signing And Striping Scenario GBL4PDF  
T20.0Green Bike Lane Signing And Striping Scenario GBL5PDF  
T21.0Green Bike Lane Signing And Striping Scenario GBL6PDF  
T22.0Speed Bumps (14' And 22' Wide)PDF  
T23.0Raised Crosswalk And Speed CushionPDF  
T24.0Fire Response And Emergency Vehicle Speed BumpPDF  
T25.0Intersection Sight DistancePDF  
T26.0Pedestrian Refuge Island And DelineationPDF  
T27.0Signing For Pedestrian Crossing Two-Lane RoadwayPDF  
T28.0Signing For Pedestrian Crossing Five-Lane Roadway MidblockPDF  
T28.1Signing For Pedestrian Crossing Five-Lane Roadway at IntersectionPDF  
T29.0Parking Restrictions For Bends In Local Access RoadsPDF  
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 Complete Set of Drainage Details (PDF)   
D1.0Storm Drain General NotesPDF  
D1.0(2)Storm Drain General NotesPDF  
D1.4Manhole Type 4PDF  
D1.6Manhole Ring And CoverPDF  
D2.0Concrete Curb InletPDF  
D2.1Debris TrapPDF  
D3.0Concrete Combination Curb InletPDF  
D4.0aDrain Basin H-25 24 in. Nyloplast Or Equal With Debris Trap And Herringbone GratePDF  
D4.0bDrain Basin H-25 24 in. Nyloplast Or Equal With Herringbone GratePDF  
D4.1Catch Basin Gutter PlanPDF  
D4.2Reversible Frame For Catch BasinPDF  
D4.3Herringbone Grate For Catch BasinPDF  
D4.4Vaned Grate For Catch BasinPDF  
D4.5Rolled Curb Frame And GratePDF  
D4.6Rolled Curb Frame And Grate InstallationPDF  
D4.7Rolled Curb Vaned GratePDF  
D5Standard Area Inlet - PrivatePDF  
D6Concrete Ditch InletPDF  
D7Catch Basin Type 2 - Sedimentation ManholePDF  
D8.1Catch Basin Type 2 - Flow Control Manhole - Tee Type (Continued On D8.2)PDF  
D8.2Catch Basin Type 2 - Shear Gate Detail And Notes (Continued From D8.1)PDF  
D9Catch Basin Type 2 - Flow Control Manhole - Baffle TypePDF  
D10Precast Concrete DrywellPDF  
D11.0Example Stormwater Facility For Urban Infill DevelopmentPDF  
D11.1Example Biofiltration Swale SchematicPDF  
D11.2Typical Biofiltration Swale SectionPDF  
D11.3Typical Biofiltration Swale Section With UnderdrainPDF  
D11.4Flow Spreader CurbPDF  
D11.5Biofiltration Swale Sedimentation TrapPDF  
D11.6Special Curb Inlet - Outlet Behind Walk To SwalePDF  
D12Infiltration Trench - PrivatePDF  
D13Typical Saddle Taps/TeesPDF  
D14Pipe Bedding And BackfillPDF  
D15Sewer CleanoutPDF  
D16.0Typical Downspout Infiltration System - Infiltration Trench (Single-Family Home)PDF  
D16.1Typical Downspout Infiltration System - Drywell (Single-Family Home)PDF  
D17Gabion OutfallPDF  
D18Trench DamPDF  
D22Pipe AnchorPDF  
D23Corrugated Metal Pipe Coupling/AnchorPDF  
D24Beveled End SectionPDF  
D25Trash ScreenPDF  
D26Chain Link Fence For Stormwater FacilityPDF  
D27Low Point Footling Drain (Preferred Method)PDF  
D27aResidential Drainage Systems - Drain Line To CurbPDF  
D27bResidential Drainage Systems - Drain Connection To Storm DrainPDF  
D27cExample Of Lot Specific Drainage Requirements From Approved Development PlanPDF  
D27dExample Of Lot Specific Drainage Requirements From Approved Development PlanPDF  
D28Drainage Inlet Medallion DetailPDF  
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Erosion Control


 Complete Set of Erosion Control Details (PDF)   
Enc1Standard Notes For Erosion Control PlanPDF  
Enc2Standard Notes For Erosion Control PlanPDF  
E1Stabilized Construction EntrancePDF  
E2Rock Check DamPDF  
E2aBio-Filter Bags Check DamPDF  
E2bGeotextile-Encased Check DamPDF  
E3Inlet Protection Type 1 - Gravel And Wire MeshPDF  
E3aInlet Protection Type 2 - Masonry And RockPDF  
E3bInlet Protection Type 3 - Silt FencePDF  
E3cInlet Protection Type 4 - Bio-Filter BagsPDF  
E3dInlet Protection Type 5 - Silt SackPDF  
E4Silt FencePDF  
E5Bio-Filter Bags - Sediment BarrierPDF  
E7Outlet Protection - Rip-RapPDF  
E7aOutlet Protection - Stilling BasinPDF  
E8Standard Sediment TrapPDF  
E8aTemporary Sediment PondPDF  
E10Diversion Dike/SwalePDF  
E11Pipe Slope DrainPDF  
E12Filter Berm - Rock/BrushPDF  
E13Sidewalk Subgrade - Curb BarrierPDF  
E15Tire WashPDF  
E16Plastic SheetingPDF  
E17Matting - General NotesPDF  
E17aMatting - Sloe InstallationPDF  
E17bMatting - Channel InstallationPDF  
E17cOak MatsPDF  
E18Surface Roughening - Cat TrackingPDF  
E18aSurface Roughening - Stair Stepping/GroomingPDF  
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 Complete Set of Planting Details (PDF)   
GTree Installation Standards For Clark County Rights-Of-WayPDF  
TABLE G1Plant Materials For Clark County Rights-Of-Way - Trees 4' Minimum Width BedsPDF  
TABLE G2Plant Materials For Clark County Rights-Of-Way - Trees 6' Minimum Width BedsPDF  
TABLE G3Plant Materials For Clark County Rights-Of-Way - Trees 8' Or Larger Bed WidthsPDF  
TABLE G4Plant Materials For Clark County Rights-Of-Way Shrubs A-PPDF  
TABLE G5Plant Materials For Clark County Rights-Of-Way Shrubs P-VPDF  
TABLE G6Plant Materials For Clark County Rights-Of-Way Ground CoversPDF  
G1Roadway Reference PlanPDF  
G2Planting At Street CornersPDF  
G3Planting At MediansPDF  
G4Typical Planting Soil Profile, Planting And Irrigation StandardsPDF  
G5Planting At Right-Of-WaysPDF  
G6Planting At Right-Of-Ways With Bio-Filtration SwalesPDF  
G7Planting Under Utility LinesPDF  
G8Typical Planting LayoutPDF  
G9Tree Staking Detail And Perf. Pipe Detail For Manual IrrigationPDF  
G10Irrigation Controller Enclosure And InstallationPDF  
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Standard Documents


 Complete Set of Standard Documents (PDF)   
1Clark County Signature BlockPDF  
2Clark County Standard NotesPDF  
3Covenant Running With The LandPDF  
4Private Road Maintenance CovenantPDF  
5Private Backyard Storm Drain CovenantPDF  
6Certificate Of Landscape InstallationPDF  
7Escrow AgreementPDF  
8Letter Of Credit - For ConstructionPDF  
9Letter Of Credit - For MaintenancePDF  
10Performance BondPDF  
11Maintenance BondPDF  
12Sidewalk EasementPDF  
13Declaration Amending Short PlatPDF  
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