Comprehensive Parks Plan


The comprehensive Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan provides direction for the future priorities of the Clark County park system. An update of the PROS Plan is required every six years to maintain eligibility for state and federal grants. This is also a requirement of the Growth Management Act per RCW 35.70A(8). The Board of County Councilors voted 3-0 on Sept. 22, 2015, to adopt the current parks plan that reflects community priorities and establishes long-term goals for land acquisition, facility development and parks management.

Adopted Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan (PDF)

Plan Update:

Clark County is beginning the process to update the comprehensive plan during 2020. The​ Clark County Parks Advisory Board played an integral role in developing the 2015 plan and will be involved throughout the update cycle. The PROS Plan update will need to be approved by Council in 2021.

Consultant Services:

The PROS plan update is extensive and includes several layers including and not limited to: inventory of park, trail and open space properties managed by Clark County; analysis of demographics, population trends and growth projections; demand/need analysis for parks, trails and open spaces; identification of projects to be accomplished in six years and ten years to meet the identified needs based on projected funding; public outreach; presentations to council and final report approval. Consultant services are needed to meet these requirements. After a systematic selection process, Conservation Technix, Inc. is contracted to carry out the scope of work.

Scope of Work

Clark County will work with the consultant, staff and the Parks Advisory Board to complete all tasks for the comprehensive Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan update. Public engagement will include an online survey, community outreach, stakeholder meetings and other methods. Progression updates and links to the survey will be posted on this page as they become available.

 During 2020 the following tasks will be included in the development of the new plan:

PROs picture.jpg
  • 1.0 Project Administration
  • 1.2 Public Involvement
  • 1.3 Goals and Objectives
  • 1.4 Demand and Need Analysis
  • 1.5 Park Classification Evaluation
  • 1.6 Park Maintenance Standards
  • 1.7 Planning and Zoning Protocol
  • 1.8 Implementation Strategies
  • 1.9 Capital Improvement Program

Tasks for 2021 will focus on county review and the plan adoption process.  Additional work will also be needed according to the discoveries and recommendations of the final adopted plan.

Clark County is updating the Parks Recreation and Open Space Plan (PROS).

The comprehensive plan is a requirement of the Growth Management Act and is intended to guide how the county provides parks, trails, natural areas, sport fields and other recreation offerings across Clark County.

The PROS Plan will identify funding needs and recreation system goals. An updated plan will also position Clark County for future grant opportunities and funding.