Clean Water Projects


The Clean Water Division develops new stormwater facilities  and implements updates to older facilities that collect and treat polluted storm runoff. These projects control stormwater flows and help:

  • Reduce pollution in our water runoff.
  • Improve water quality treatment.
  • Reduce stream erosion and protect river habitat.
  • Keep our waterways safe for recreation and other uses.

Projects vary in scope and size, but may include installing rain gardens or wetlands for improved water quality treatment, expanding water storage, modifying inlets and outlets, and repairing or replacing aging facilities. Projects are funded by clean water fees and state and federal grants.

Stormwater Capital Plan

2024-2029 Stormwater Capital Plan

Active projects

Whipple Creek Watershed Management Plan - From 2014-2017, Clark County will conduct a watershed-scale assessment of the Whipple Creek watershed. This plan is a requirement of the county's NPDES Phase I Municipal Stormwater Permit (S5.C.5.c - page 20 of the permit).  More>>

2018 - Capital project schedule (as proposed):

Ward Road/NE 78th Street Drywell Retrofits

This project in the Lower Fifth Plain Creek subwatershed retrofits eight drywells along Ward Road and NE 78th Street that pose a high threat to groundwater. The wells will be raised out of groundwater in compliance with state Underground Injection Control requirements. Six catch basins contributing untreated stormwater to these drywells will also be upgraded by installing filter cartridge inserts.

Tay Terrace UIC Retrofit

This project in lower Salmon Creek decommissions three drywells  serving the Tay Terrace subdivision that pose a high threat to groundwater, replacing them with a bioretention area and shallow infiltration pipes in compliance with state Underground Injection Control requirements.

40 et 8 Chateau Stormwater Facility Repair

This project in the Cougar Creek subwatershed repairs an existing wetland treatment facility serving the 40 et 8 Chateau bingo hall and NE 78th Street, by excavating sediment-trapping cells and improving water flow patterns.

2019 Overlay/HMA catch basin retrofits

Catch basins in priority areas are retrofitted for stormwater treatment ahead of planned road surface overlays. This annual program helps leverage construction efforts and avoids conflicts or delays later on.

The 2019 program will retrofit 18 catch basins on NE 110th Street east of Hazel Dell Avenue, and on NE Minnehaha Road west of NE Andresen Road. These locations are in the Cougar Creek subwatershed in lower Salmon Creek, and the Cold Creek subwatershed in lower Burnt Bridge Creek.

Hazel Dell Catch Basin Retrofits

This project in the Cougar Creek subwatershed provides stormwater treatment retrofits at 13 catch basin locations along NE Highway 99 near NE 88th Street, NE 78th Street near NE Hazel Dell Avenue, and NE Hazel Dell Avenue north of NE 94th Street.

2016 - 2019 Urban Tree Canopy Restoration Program

Restoring urban tree canopy cover in the neighborhoods that drain to Cougar, Suds and Salmon Creek (Salmon Creek and Felida area). Clark County is partnering with Friends of Trees to implement a Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board Clark County Clean Water Fund grant that will plant shade trees in public rights-of-ways in neighborhoods that are lacking street trees.  The project will engage volunteer crew leaders, neighborhood coordinators, summer inspectors, planters and homeowners in training and planting events. Outreach with participants will occur during all phases of the projects about the importance of trees in the urban watershed.  More>>

Washougal River - Homeowner Incentive Program

Clark County Clean Water Division is a supporting partner with the new Watershed Alliance program, along with the City of Washougal, to encourage riparian homeowners to improve their riverfront property. The program addresses reduction of erosion of streambanks by encouraging native plantings along the shoreline. Riparian buffers add shade to the river, increase wildlife habitat and beautify properties. This grant funded pilot program is available to targeted homeowners along the Washougal River. Contact the Watershed Alliance for more information. More>>


Completed projects:

Pleasant Valley Park ‘B’ Stormwater Facility Repair $150,000Rebuilt bioswale and added infiltration pipes to reduce flooding. 
Harding Farms Stormwater Facility Retrofit$1 MRetrofit the existing Harding Farms Subdivision stormwater facility to improve performance and enhance adjacent wetlands.
Heritage Farm Park Lot LID Demonstration$482,000Add a new parking lot west of main building that adds demonstration of different pervious pavement systems.
Trillium Park Subdivision Stormwater System Repair$85,000Replace bioswale, including conveyance pipes, drywell and water quality treatment cartridges.
Drywell Water Quality updates$611,000Stormwater treatment with rain gardens and catch basin filters
Thomas Wetland East$2,000,000Wetland enhancement / stormwater retrofit
Parkside Manor$960,000Stormwater retrofit
Stones Throw Subdivision SWF Repair$171,000Stormwater facility redesign
Heritage Meadows Subdivision$300,000Stormwater retrofit
Mount Vista Subdivision$551,000Stormwater retrofit
Padden-Andresen Stormwater Facility$1,320,000Stormwater retrofit
Sunset Glen / Drasler Place$130,000Stormwater retrofit
Buena Vista Subdivision$420,000Stormwater facility retrofit
Grassland Meadows Subdivision$270,000Stormwater facility retrofit
NE 149th Street Rock Storage Facility$210,000Rain garden
SR 503/Fred Meyer$280,000Stormwater facility
Sherwood 6$180,000Stormwater facility, Outfall repair
Upper Whipple Creek$825,000Stream restoration
Whipple Creek interpretive sign
NE 99 Street Green Infrastructure Rain Gardens
Carrie Otter Wetlands$650,000Restoration
Encore Facility$1,005,000Stormwater facility retrofit
Lakeshore / NW 99th Street$150,000Rain Garden
Curtin Creek$3,690,000Floodplain enhancement, restoration.
Curtin Creek interpretive sign