Apply now for free 2021 Master Composter Recycler training

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Vancouver, Wash. – Clark County’s Master Composter Recycler program is offering a free training this winter for people interested in becoming program volunteers. Anyone interested in composting and recycling, and who wants to be part of a community working toward a sustainable future should consider becoming a Master Composter Recycler volunteer.

The free training provides volunteers with the tools and knowledge to build a hot compost pile, tend a worm bin, clean with green cleaners, and reduce waste. Volunteers are asked to share what they learn by completing community service hours in exchange for the training. Volunteers represent the program at community events, maintain compost demonstration sites, and share their knowledge with neighbors and community groups.

Applications are now being accepted for the Master Composter Recycler training. The virtual classes will be held via Zoom and are scheduled for 7-8:30 pm Wednesdays.

Here are the training dates and topics:

  • Feb. 3: Backyard Composting
  • Feb. 10: Worm Bin Composting
  • Feb. 17: Lasagna (layer/sheet) Composting
  • Feb. 24: Composting Science
  • March 3: Green Cleaning
  • March 10: Recycling Done Right
  • March 17: Preventing Food Waste

To register for the training, visit the Master Composter Recycler website. Participants will receive a confirmation email after applications are reviewed.

The Master Composter Recycler program educates the community about easy ways to reduce waste, increase recycling, and rethink our impact on natural resources. For more information about the program, visit the website, call 564.397.7333 or email