Push partner registry

The Push Partner Registry partnership with community-based organizations and local county public health departments with the goal of dispensing medications to at-risk populations during an emergency.  The registry is a database of private partners and community organizations that serve as a private Point of Dispensing (POD) for medicines needed in a large-scale health emergency. 

Push Partners pick up and distribute medications to their clients, employees and their employees’ families. By dispensing medications, Push Partners will help ensure continuity of their business while helping those who are unable to travel to POD sites. Push Partners also promote a faster response by relieving congestion at PODs open to the general public. 


In order to be part of the Push Partner Registry, your organization must fall into one of the following categories: 

  • Private and public organizations with large numbers of staff on centrally located campuses. 
  • Providers serving those with disabilities, access and functional needs such as:  
    • long term care facilities 
    • organizations serving unstably housed 
    • organizations serving formerly incarcerated 
    • behavioral health agencies 
  • Organizations with a written or implied role in emergency plans including first responder agencies and critical infrastructure providers such as: 
    • Police, Fire and EMS agencies 
    • utilities service providers 
    • local and state government agencies 
    • hospitals and healthcare systems 

If your organization or business meets one of the outlined groups above and is interested in participating in the Push Partner Registry, please review the following documents. 

  • Dispensing site workbook for businesses   
  • Dispensing plan - Create a dispensing plan that addresses your organization’s specific needs.  Include in the plan: 
    • how to communicate with staff the intent to assist and what their roles and responsibilities may be. 
    • strategy to practice the dispensing plan so you are ready when called to respond 
  • Enrollment form - Please email the completed enrollment form to our Public Health Emergency Response and Preparedness team.  

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