Float tank facilities

In Washington State, floatation systems (also known as float tanks, float pods, isolation tanks and sensory deprivation tanks) are considered special use pools under Chapter 70.90 RCW and Chapter 246-260 WAC.  Clark County Public Health works to ensure float tank facilities are meeting the guidelines established by WA Department of Health by conducting a review of the construction and operational plans of facilities operating in Clark County.

Requirements for operating a floatation tank facility

Routine monitoring and reporting of sample results are required to operate a float tank in Clark County. Follow the instructions on the forms below for reporting bacteriological sampling and injuries. 

For more information on operating a floatation tank facility in Clark County, refer to our Float Tank Facility Operation Guidelines.

Construction and remodel review

Clark County Public Health reviews projects for new floatation tank facilities as well as facilities hoping to add a floatation tank to an existing business. The submittal requirements are the same for both new construction and remodel. Review documents are submitted in two stages.

The following must be submitted as part of the plan review application to begin the review process:

How to submit for review

Application materials and payment can be submitted:

  • Online: Visit our online permitting portal. Be sure to review the Online Users Guide document for instructions on how to register for a profile, submit and make payments.
  • In person: Please note that an appointment is required for in person submissions. Book your appointment now.
  • By mail: Application materials, plans and payment can be submitted by mail at PO Box 9825 Vancouver, WA 98666.