School food service

School food service line

School food service inspections

Clark County Public Health helps protect residents and visitors of Clark County from food borne illness by educating food workers on proper food handling methods and inspecting all Clark County food establishments. This includes school based food service such as cafeterias and student stores. For food safety inspection reports, please visit our Restaurant Inspection page and enter your school into the search field.

School food donations

Clark County Public Health supports the safe recovery and donation of reusable food items in schools to address issues of waste and food insecurities. While helping to alleviate these concerns, donation of food has a potential risk of contamination and temperature abuse that can be minimized with appropriate control steps. Washington State Department of Health has created guidance for school programs that want to recover and provide food to needy students or donated food distributing organizations such as food banks, shelters or soup kitchens. Please email us if you are interested in starting a program at your school.