Farmers Markets

Where we live, work, learn and play greatly influences our health. Clark County Public Health works to create healthy environments that support eating well and staying active because it positively impacts the emotional and physical health of our residents. Farmers markets and community gardens with fresh vegetables and fruits are an important part of our healthy environment.

Farmers market

Local farms and farmers markets throughout Clark County offer a wide variety of delicious, locally-grown food.

There are many benefits to purchasing locally grown  and locally produced foods. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, fish and bread direct from the farmers are as fresh as it gets and they taste better! Buying local means:

  • Less packaging
  • Supporting your community and the local economy
  • Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Supporting the local food system and strengthening community food security
  • Lower transportation costs because food travels shorter distances from farm to consumer

Buying locally

Clark County residents who want to buy locally-grown and produced food direct from farmers have many options. The Farm Finder, hosted by Washington State University, is a great way to find farm stands, u-pick locations, community supported agriculture options, and other sources of locally grown foods. LocalHarvest is another resource for local farms, food co-ops, pick your own, farm stands, etc. Local farmers markets include:

Community supported agriculture (CSA) farm shares

CSA farms sell shares of their harvest at the beginning of the season. The cost of shares, the length of the season, and the types of food grown vary from farm to farm. You can find out more by doing a web search for CSA farmers in your area. Clark County Grown is another resource for local CSA farms.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP at the Market

If you use your SNAP benefits at farmers markets, you can participate in the Fresh Match program. Farmers markets accepting SNAP (food stamp) EBT cards include:

When customers use $5 of SNAP benefits at participating farmers markets, they can receive up to $5 more (a total of $10 per card) to purchase fresh, local, healthy produce! This program helps increase access to healthy, affordable food.


Nutrition and WIC at the farmers markets

The Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) provides fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs to eligible women, children, and seniors. Visit the EBT/Debit stand at the farmers markets for more information.


Strategic changes. Sustainable results.

Strategic changes. Sustainable results.The Clark County Food System Council increases and preserves access to safe, local and healthy food for all residents of Clark County. The council supports a viable, economical and sustainable local food system through multiple strategies.

For more information, contact the Chronic Disease Prevention team.