For Healthcare Providers

Providing and promoting immunization is one of the best ways to protect our community and reduce the potential for illness and death across all age groups.  To do this, the Clark County Public Health Immunization Program works in close collaboration with community partners to:

  • Provide resources for community members to access vaccines
  • Provide a lead agency for the Clark County Immunization Coalition
  • Serve as a consultant and technical resource for community members and healthcare providers in our community
  • Assist healthcare providers in identifying and implementing best practices related to immunization administration
  • Provide vaccine to children in Clark County through the Childhood Vaccine program in partnership with the Washington State Department of Health
  • Conduct vaccine quality assurance activities for clinics enrolled in the Childhood Vaccine program

To find out more about the Childhood Vaccine program, or to enroll please contact us at 564.397.8403.

For immunization information, please call 564.397.8403 or email.