Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan

Clark County Public Health is undergoing a community health assessment (CHA) and developing a community health improvement plan (CHIP). This process will support a vision where Clark County residents are active and resilient, and where healthy families and people of all ages, abilities and cultures are living, learning, working and playing in thriving communities. Public Health’s mission is to collaborate with partners to protect and improve the health of and the environment for all people in Clark County. Conducting a comprehensive community health assessment and developing a community-driven and community-owned community health improvement plan is a critical step toward achieving our mission and our vision.

This process will be guided by the National Association of County and City Health Officials Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships framework, which provides a structure for communities to assess their most pressing population health issues and align resources across sectors for strategic action. It emphasizes the integral role of broad stakeholders and community engagement; the need for policy, systems and environmental change; and alignment of community resources toward shared goals. Public Health will take a community-owned systems thinking approach that considers the complex and evolving challenges faced uniquely by our county.

Guided by principles of equity, inclusion, trusted relationships and community power, Public Health’s work will look upstream to the root causes of health inequities and plan for specific, strategic and collaborative action to improve community health and well-being.

What is the CHA?

The community health assessment (CHA) identifies health and health-related needs of a community through comprehensive data collection and analysis. The process includes identifying key community partners who can provide important insight into community strengths and needs, collecting input from community members and organizations, reviewing relevant secondary health indicators, and synthesizing gleaned information to create the community health improvement plan.

What is the CHIP?

The community health improvement plan (CHIP) prioritizes community health needs and includes recommendations and strategies for improving health through leveraging existing resources and partnerships.

Project timeline

Public Health is partnering with a consultant firm, Rede Group, to support facilitation, technical assistance, and project management for the community health assessment and community health improvement plan efforts. Public Health, with support from Rede Group, will then build on the critical community-led work to design the community health improvement plan to develop an internal department strategic plan (SP). 

March-May 2024 activities:
  • Translate all CHA/CHIP materials, upload to website, and distribute to community partners.
  • Convene CHIP Community Steering Committee Implementation Meeting.
  • Design and finalize CHIP monitoring and evaluation plan.

Data party and community health assessment themes

Clark County Public Health, Rede Group, and the Community Health Assessment Community Steering Committee convened a virtual data party on June 22, 2023. Community members, community-based organizations, government agencies, and Clark County leaders were invited to attend. The presentation shared themes from the countywide community health assessment, which examined health outcomes and inequities and social and environmental factors that impact health.  The presentation also highlighted key community assets and strengths identified by community members.

As part of our efforts to continuously engage our community, the brief survey below offers attendees and viewers a place to provide additional feedback, reflections, and ideas to help inform and implement our community health improvement plan in the coming months.  We are grateful for your ongoing feedback as part of this process!

Please check back regularly, as this section will be updated with new resources as they become available, including the webinar recording, PowerPoint slides, transcripts and translations.

Data and assessments

To learn more about how Clark County Public Health uses data to inform population-level health improvements, visit our Health Assessment and Evaluation webpage. Many community partners also collect and analyze data to inform strategic and community-level plans. Expand the box below for information on current community plans and assessments. 


Provide feedback

Public Health appreciates all feedback. Please complete this form to submit questions, comments, ideas or concerns. Submissions are confidential unless you choose to provide your name and contact information. If you would like to connect with Public Health staff as part of your inquiry, name and contact information are necessary.