Pool Inspections

Properly maintained pools and spas reduce the risk of recreational water illnesses such as intestinal or respiratory diseases, skin disorders, and ear, nose, throat and eye infections. Pools with proper barriers, safety equipment or on-duty lifeguards can help prevent deaths from drowning or serious injury to swimmers. Public Health routinely inspects water quality, safety equipment and physical conditions of all public swimming pools, spas, float tank facilities and recreational water features in Clark County.

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Types of Violations

Two types of violations are recorded on the inspection report.

Red violations reflect conditions that present imminent hazard to public health or safety that require immediate correction, such as:


  • Poor water quality or visibility, unable to see bottom of pool or spa
  • Inadequate barriers to prevent unauthorized users from pool or spa deck
  • Main drain outlet covers improperly secured
  • Certified lifeguards not present when required based on type and users of facility
  • Inadequate safety equipment to prevent drowning

Blue violations reflect conditions that have a low risk of causing illness or injury to users, but still need to be resolved to ensure public health and safety, such as:


  • Water quality logs not being completed daily
  • Water depth markers not present or clearly visible
  • Locker rooms or restrooms not being maintained in a sanitary condition
  • Water treatment chemicals properly stored and locked
  • Signage not posted or missing required elements